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  1. What would be the best way of running my 3 way front and 2way rear active setup coming from a precision power frx 4/5/6 way crossover, my Art series (and i have two A404's) amps have this capability, The Front and Rear channels of your (four channel) Art Series amplifier are capable of of being bridged into a mono output due to the internal design of the amplifier. This feature permits the creation of a mono channel for a subwoofer or center channel. Also bridging adds flexibility of operation. The Art Series four-channel amplifiers can be used as 2 mono channels, 3 channels - 2 channel stereo and one channel mono, 4 channels - 2 channels front and rear, 5 channels - 4 channels stereo and one channel mono, or 6 channels - 4 channels stereo and 2 channels mono
  2. I have a phoenix px6 head unit, with dsp built in
  3. dont the stock rears have some sort of tweeter in them now. 2016 Ram 1500 bighorn
  4. My speakers for front are ds18 3 way 6.5 componets and rear ds18 2 way 6.5, they come with a crossover. Anyway to utilize this til new amp, or the sound would be worth it
  5. I do plan on getting another matching amp, wife says I have to wait, spent to much on other things. Keeping that in mine to be able to plug in new amp and not have to rewire all setup again, trying to think in advance,
  6. And if I wanted to retain fading and balance?
  7. My Precision Power A404 art series Specs Art Series Model: X 2 4 channels 4 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Stereo: 50 Watts 2 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Stereo: 100 Watts 4 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Bridged: 200 Watts Art Series ProArt 50 specs x 1 2 Channel 4 Ohms, 12 VDC, Stereo: 50 Watts 4 Ohms, 12 VDC, Bridged: 200 Watts 2 Ohms, 12 VDC, Stereo: 100 Watts 2 Ohms, 12 VDC, Bridged: 400 Watts 1 Ohms, 12 VDC, Stereo: 200 Watts a total 10 channels when i need 12 Precision Power Frx 456 way Crossover oo oo o oo oo o amp1 A404 amp2 A404 Amp3 ProArt 50 red = Front Tweeter Green = Front MidBass Purple = Front Woofer Orange = Rear Midbass or Rear Tweeter (need another 2channels cant do it right now, what is best way to hook this up?) Cheyenne = 2 12 inch Sub
  8. does nobody have an answer?
  9. if my HU has rcas, and no sub out. would i benefit more if i used the lc7i
  10. i have a 3 way setup for the front and a 2 way for the rear. i have 2 4 channel amps (PPI a404 and 1 2 channel amp (PROART 50). i have a Crossover (PPI FRX 456) front tweeters to amp 1, front mids to amp 1, front subs to amp 2, rear mid bass to amp 2, 12" subs to amp 3. my question is What do i do with rear tweeters if i dont have a fourth amp to hook up tweeters too. should i run them with the crossover they came with or should i run them with the front tweeters. or open to suggestions
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