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  1. Hey guys I reached out for help a couple months ago on building a sub box for my subs. All the specs of what I have and what to work with are still in that post but I don't know how to tag a reference link to it. Basically I was give a spec sheet and layout of the new box idea to work with and build. However after reading and watching some videos I'd like someone to help me build this box type someone has on YouTube for me 4 8's. I dont know how he calculated the ports but they are on BOTH ends of the box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while since this thread. I've been playing around with this sketch provided. I also ran into someone selling a box on fb marketplace that was built for my exact truck. Due to him being in California and I in Ohio I begged him to simply give me the dimensions lol he said the box was in his garage and not easy to get to to get measurements. We did have a good conversation though. The box was built for 3 level 2 10's DC audio. He said 3 level 4's would not fit due to magnet size but it could be slightly redesigned for su hours fitment. I'm waking this thread back up to ask a very easy but in depth question I've longed for for as long as I can remember. Can someone point me in the direction to any and all the formulas needed to build all these enclosures I see people making? I got winISD but I just see how it allows the input of variables and makes calculations with provided variables as far as cubic feet/inches for box and ports but I'm looking for formulas to aid in the construction of the box. Providing measurements for very unique and creative ports such as even combining slot with round. So here's an idea for an example what I'd love to build... https://www.gatelyaudio.com/products/4-x-8-ford-crewcab
  3. Huge thank you! I actually already have a 2.5" seat lift. I've actually thought of getting some thick washers to include lifting it maybe another 1/2 inch? So you say this is what can be built right now with these measurement? If you know where to get a 7" pipe and elbow shoot me the link. That's gotta be like city sewage supplies or something lol that's big.
  4. Figure A sir. I can get figure B measurements for you no problem I just need to grab an extra ruler. Let me do that.
  5. Alright! Sorry for delay but just now getting a chance for exact measurements. Thickness 0.75 inch mdf Width 55 1/2 inch Front height 11 5/8 inch Rear height 9 7/8 inch Top depth 12 7/8 inch Bottom depth 14 1/2 inch
  6. So as of now, what is the best option for me? Is this a simple as putting in a different port in my existing box? If so what kind of port? Or should I rebuild the box? If so, how? My assumption is rebuilding may not be the best as I don't know how else to build it do to limited space. I'm ready to execute an idea though and begin a project!
  7. Omg...lol. don't get me started with the idea of a blowthrough. I swore and still swear I will never do it but Idk, my truck now has 83k miles on it. I have still not done to date any mods that would prevent me from selling the truck.
  8. Damn it. Pretty much the worst vehicle for a system lol. Im just brainstorming here thinking about an external port and where I could run it. This is a daily driver vehicle and I have kids lol. Btw as far as slamology goes I'm actually looking to register for "cleanliness and creativity of set up" it's a bit of a side class but absolutely love fabrication. I'll upload and share a few pics of my latest projects . No doubt I can get louder then the average vehicle but my loudness is a bit more in my mids and highs. My subs/box required a 2.5" seat lift kit that cost $180
  9. 8 inch in diameter? Also I've thought about the bending and wasn't sure you could bend a round port in fear of turbulence causing port chuffing. Would this be an external port to accommodate for the length?
  10. Thanks! I the grills from Amazon. They don't have near enough depth to them. The sub will slap the hell out of them to where you'd destroy the sub. So I had to buy nylon spacers (I think they are 1 inch) and place 1 between the grill and the box at each mounting screw hole of the grill.
  11. Yaaaaa lol just another embarrassing thing I've searched Google far and wide for an answer. I dont know how to build slot port for my exact type of enclosure. Let me explain.....it's wedge style and the front height is more then rear height. Therefore I don't know how to calculate area per the change as the height of the port reduces as it goes back. I hope I'm explaining this right.
  12. Yes I do now. That's exactly what their calculator called for. Their calculator has the option of configuring for multiple ports but I choose single port and for 3.0 cubic feet the given specs were produced.
  13. Their calculator tells me 4 inch diameter by 7 inches length. This port goes from front to back of box at dead center of box. It's limited but per their specs it fits perfect. Not saying their specs are correct but I did what they said. I will tell ya it moves air so harsh it will swirl the whole cab at heavy low notes. All subs share air space. It is all 1 chamber. Last box I had i split into 2 chambers and had 1 ports coming off each side. I thought it was suffocating them so I made this and it did improve the low end.
  14. Man I seriously can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your help. I really can't. This has been a 3 year going on 4 year project with very little to no help. I've had to research as much as I can. It's been difficult to say the least. I have questions on how to do things even formulas I can't find answers on to save my life.
  15. Well to be fair I have to admit, I was metered and will be at Slamology Indianapolis on a skar rp3500. Ever since I got this DC3.5K it is NOT a placebo effect this amp shakes shit harder then the skar EVER did. So with that said I'd like to be metered again lol. I also had to replace my kenwood HU as it started resetting constantly. I installed a new one 1 (alpine ilx-407 not that it matters) and everything fine. The box is exactly 3.0 cubic feet after displacement of subs and port. I use a round port made by "precision ports" if that matters. Each 8 is rated for .75 cubic feet.
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