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  1. Little project update: been messing around with my doors and I think I want to make a door pod. Mounting in the stock location has been tough and I love the look of speaker pods! So who thinks deaf bounce’s 300watt rms 6.5 mid (don’t know model number off top of head) and one tweeter in each pod in each front door would be acceptable for 2 15s on 6k?
  2. Make sense. Not a big problem then at all. If one remote wire can handle 4 then that’ll be perfect for me. Aftermarket hu was worth every $$. The sound quality bass wise is so much better. Can’t wait to get these 15s in kid you not having the 12 from my Tahoe go into my 4Runner now I swear it’s noticeably louder. Smaller cabin space equals more bass for me!
  3. Just installed my new HU guys! Bought a pioneer AVH-120BT. Still have my stock door speakers in and they became twice as loud and much better SQ with this new HU! Still working on my box for the 2 15s and I have been missing having a sub in my car so badly that I decided yesterday to throw my 12 in there just to get me by until the big boys are ready! Can’t wait to hear these 15s because just this one cerwin vega stroker 12” on 1000watts and stock electrical is already painfully loud when playing at its tuning (box tuned to 30). Or maybe that’s because I have had no system in my car for a couple months now Also noticed a world of difference in sound quality with using an aftermarket head unit instead of a cheap LOC like my old system. I’ve noticed when playing full tilt that 12 heats up quickly and starts to distort after a few songs and I have to turn it down, let it cool, then I do it again. Coil is going to go bye bye one of these days I bet lol. Anyways new system will be tuned with dd1! Figured the 200 bucks would be worth it to protect my $1,200 worth of subs. Also my head unit only has 2 sets of rca inputs and I will have two bass amps and one multichannel. How can I get my rcas to my two bass amps with only one set of sub inputs?? Also for my remote turn on could I use the one 12v wire coming off my hu to turn on all three amps?
  4. Well guys build is goin well. I’m starting to get an appreciation for car audio I didn’t have before and that is just how much work goes into building a big system. Getting close to getting my box done and painted. I’m planning on getting my electrical done, subs and box mounted in my car, installing new HU, and then I will tackle mids/highs last. So much left to do. Building a system is a marathon I’ve come to find out
  5. Never really heard anyone talk about what cars are better for subs. I know subs generally are better but what cars get the loudest?
  6. this box is starting to piss me off. Getting a lot of splits even tho I’m pre drilling and being careful. My other boxes have gone together well but this one has been a b*tch. This is the port 45s and I couldn’t screw the d*mn things together so I had a gap between them and had to load it with bondo. This box is gonna have a ton of bandaids but I hope it holds up ok. I’m too far to restart.
  7. Amp pro will not work with my car. I’m just gonna get a double din touchscreen head unit
  8. Excited to hear about it! I am doing my first “bigger” system like you. I’m jumping from one 12 on stock electrical to 2 15s on 6000watts and upgrade alt/lithium battery. Hope our systems knock our socks off!! I’ve been struggling to find time to work on my system too and my 15s have been sittin in my closet for a couple months now. Take your time and do things right tho! It’s worth it
  9. Great. I will have 4 45s and one 2 inch dowel for bracing so I hope it sounds good!! I’ll have to check out brad nails and Baltic sometime too
  10. I have not. I currently have nothing in my car right now. Itching to get these two 15s installed. Hoping I can get 145 but all I care about is if I like the sound. My 12 on 950watts was loud to me so I’m excited for this. It was a dual 4 ohm sub so I could only wire it to 2 ohms on my audiopipe 1500
  11. 8.5 cubes tuned to 30. 4 45s for bracing and a 2 inch dowel to support the port.
  12. Will going from 1500watts to a 6000watt system give me about 6 more decibels?
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