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  1. Correct. JL MBT-RX. Gain was set using the dial on the Primus 6002A. P.S. please see the update in the original post!
  2. The amps have a little dial on them that I can adjust with a screw driver, just like the low and high pass. Didn't think I had set it very high, but could that've caused it? What is? the mbt-rx?
  3. EDIT: See below for updates So I purchased the JL Audio C2650 component speaker system. For the amp, I went with a Infinity Primus 6002A. Input source is a JL Audio MBT-RX. No head unit. Output from the MBT-RX goes through a splitter to the Infinity Primus and then to my amp for my subwoofer. I've only been rocking this set up for about a month My driver's side tweeter and woofer made some funny noises when I turned up the volume (not very loud, but loud) and then just kinda stopped. There's nothing but a very faint hissing noise coming from the component speaker now. I swapped out the wires. The woofer still works when hooked up to the other crossover's output. This is how I've reasoned that a crossover went kaput. I don't have my tools on me, but once I do, I'll be able to extract the crossovers for some more information. Some symptoms I experienced ever since I first installed the speakers: - hissing from tweeters; pretty loud; at low volume it'll overpower the music coming from the tweeters - loud pop if I suddenly turn my car off; I must disconnect my phone from the bluetooth, wait a few seconds, and then turn my car off in order to avoid the pop - once I hit a high enough volume level (not very loud, but loud) the woofers would go all distorted, even though I've configured the low-pass on the Infinity Primus in accordance to the woofers' frequency response--even choked it up quite a bit Note that my phone's bluetooth is the thing controlling the volume. I have the gain turned up slightly on both the amps. I'd love to hear y'alls' input. Updates -- seems like it's the amp So I finally tore into the Jeep. I checked the capacitor and the two resistors of the crossover in question. Lo and behold, nothing seemed wrong. Everything seemed correct according to the spec. I even swapped the I/O of the crossovers and confirmed that they both work. I checked the input the crossover was getting from my Infinity Primus 6002A. For the working side, the voltage read ~40mV. For the not working side, the voltage read ~10mV. I checked the output of the amp, and the values were the same. For some reason the right side output is 4x the mV of the left side. No clue why. I've only had it about two months now, so it's under warranty. Any ideas?
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