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  1. I'm using a kenwood dmx7706s for headunit. The box is sealed, and in the parameters for this sub. It's 1.35 cubic foot, with about 1.5 lbs of polyfill. I'm thinking I may need 2 subs, same amp same box same sub. Or 1 amp, 2 box 2 q l7 subs. I'm not sure how my 2016 wrangler with stock 160 amp alternator and agm battery will handle the new setup.
  2. Looks a little complicated for me. There's no way to do it by hand/ear?
  3. I have a cxa800.1 paired with a Kicker Q L7 10". When I raise volume to about 1/4 to half, it sounds really good. Anything past half, and it almost seems to lower, the main speakers get loud, but not the sub. My alternator is 160 amp stock, agm battery. Would the big 3 solve this?
  4. Well I was going to plug the gb25 into the rear part of the amp and wire them up front. I may just remove all the front speakers, and leave the woofer, which would be plugged in the front section of the amp, on a crossover. So gb25 will be plugged in by itself, nothing else. Hope I don't blow up.
  5. I have hertz tweeter and woofer, but it's set to a 2 way crossover.
  6. Can it act as a tweeter? I have no area to mount them, other than where the factory tweeter is.
  7. I'm thinking about ordering audiofrog gb25. So far, I can't find a lot of info on it. I just its wideband. 200 to 20,000 hz I believe. Does this need to be included into a crossover or just straight into an amp. I was going to take out my coaxial speakers and add a tweeter and woofer (hertz), with a 2 way crossover. How would the GB25 fit in? Straight to amp? Please help.
  8. The gain on the mono amp is set pretty low, id say 20%. I want a separate box, so when I go camping, I can at least bring 1 box with me, keep the other in the garage. I'm a beginner, so I don't understand any of the complicated stuff, and English is my 2nd language. So I will order a big 3 kit, and a fuse (250?).
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