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  1. Howdy everyone,


    Been a lurker here for a bit as I only started diving into car audio about a year and a half ago. Done a ton of reading and research and really come a long way since I started, but still have plenty more to go, which brings me to my current situation. I have a 2008 Toyota Tundra double cab with the following: Pioneer AVH-2500NEX, Hertz Uno K170s in the front doors, Uno X170s in the rear doors, and a RF Prime R2-750x1 powering a Kicker 47TRTP102 down firing enclosure under the back bench. This was my first step into real bass in my ride, and now that I know where I stand, of course I want more.


    I've got two possible plans for attaining the bass I feel I want. Either remove the smaller fold up rear seat and build a box for a 12" or 15" Savard Hi-Q to take its place, or build a custom under seat box to house four 6.5" Hi-Qs. Both boxes would be ported. To power the new system I'm looking to go with a 2000ish watt mono block, and after going around and around I'm leaning towards either the Audio Apex CAB-22 or the Down4Sound JP23 v1.5.  I've watched the dyno vids of both from Sundown Unofficial and the homie Big D, and both seem like solid contenders with very similar numbers, except the CAB-22 seemed to have higher headroom. So I wanted to ask the enthusiasts of SMD which you would choose, or forget both and go another route. The main difference I can see from the gut shots of each is the JP23 uses 4 smaller transformers and a few big filtering caps, while the CAB-22 uses 2 larger transformers and a bunch of smaller filtering caps. If I am incorrect on any of that my apologies. The gut shots of each can be found below:








    Let me know what you guys think!


    PS my current electrical is a 180 amp alternator and a NorthStar 27F. I plan on doing the big 3/4 (real PITA on the Tundra, the alternator is tucked way down on the side of the block) and possibly adding another 27F in the future. Voltage is boosted by an HBK MK3 mini blade.

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