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  1. I have 2 kickers for my front doors and 2 kickers 6×9 for the rear and then the 2 10s in the trunk
  2. I appreciate the help guys. Just want to make sure I am doing it right and getting the most out of my amp and subs. I added the specs for the amp as well
  3. I don't see where it says the speakers are 2 ohms. Thats why I wasn't sure because of the 1/4 on it. Never seen that before
  4. I understand and should have thought about that to. Sorry the reason why I added the file is when you look at most subwoofers manual it will say nominal impedance dvc 2 ohms or dvc 4 ohms and then pwr 500 watts but on this one its different cause it says nominal impedance 1/4 ohms and pwr 50/500. The subwoofers are Image dynamics IDQ 10 D2 V.3 and the amp is audison LRx 5.1 and I believe its stable down to 2 ohms
  5. I need help on how to wire my 10's to my amplifier to get the most out of both of them? I know enough to get by but am no expert to say the least. I will attach the brand of both speakers and amplifier is the 5.1. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you IDQ 10 V3 D2.pdf p_1315389320_audison_LRx3.1k_5.1k_manual_IT_EN (1).pdf
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