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  1. I have 1 mechman 320 alternator, 2 66AH AGM batteries under the hood and 3 limitless lithium 45AH batteries in the back. My system is pushing 14kw nominal and was hoping to push 22kw to compete the build. So a second alternator would be great. Just didn’t see anyone that’s done it with a 4runner 5th gen.
  2. For my build I’m kind of stuck with my alternator charging power. I have a mechman 320 but I been looking for months for a bracket that would fit a 5th gen 4runner to mount a second one. And been trying to think of ways to repurpose other brackets but not to sure if I want to keep buying random brackets to MacGyver . Been wondering if anyone ever came across anyone with a dual bracket or know someone that could try and fab one for a 5th gen.
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