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  1. 1ohm amp but using as 2ohm. which size wire and fuse needed when just at 2 ohm?  amp is hifonics bg2200.1d 2200 1ohm, 1100 2ohm

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    2. _steezyse



      using the sfb1000 on the skar. no issue. no voltage drop.

      im not sure why the hifonics amp did what it did. i dont even wannqa go back and test the amp again with the volt mete to see any drop . im happy with how it is now. it bumps harder than it did with the 2200 watt hifonics amp. ill upgrade to the sfb3000 in the future along with the ho alt and bat.

    3. Dafaseles


      Good! Glad your happy! 

      If I could add one thing, if you decide to upgrade the amp, I would recommend going with an SIA rather than an SFB. Much better amps in my opinion. 

    4. _steezyse


      Yesir! All that matters :) thanks for your inputs. helps me figure things out!.

      I agree the sia are better compared to the sfbs but ill probably stick with the sfb cause of the price and i don't be abusing my equipment so even with the sfb line of amps i should be fine with performance. i barley go half way volume on my head unit its plenty loud for me even with just 1kw amp.But ill probably just go with sfb2000  to give it its rated power and not over.

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