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  1. I used dd1 and cc1 , I don't want to go to cliping point because that would be 5000w and the speakers are 3000w
  2. Hello. So i have this setup for a year now , I have a 5000w amp with 2x12s runing at 3000w rms at 1ohm . From ohm's law, at 14.5v and 3000w the current would be around 200A so why is my 80A fuse not blowing? ( running 2agm , around 140ah so voltage doesn't drop lower than 14.4 ) I've previously ran my system at 1000w and now I've went to 3000w. It doesn't sound much louder at 3000w than at 1000w ( or i got used to it? ) , so am i missing something? I've set the gains using an multimeter and square root of 1000w which was 31v and now at 3000w is about 55v taken at the output of the amp using a 40hz test tone at -5db.
  3. Okay and another question. I have a 4channel amp for the mids and highs , they are 100w rms per door. I feel the system is lacking , I've set the gains using the dmm 100w x4ohm ( 400w sqr root equals about 20v per channel) and also using the oscope which gave me about 21v without distortion . I've set the gains with a 1khz -5db tone. Yet it doesn't sound loud enough Same for subs. I have 2x12 about 1000w rms and I feel they're lacking too. Some folks said to use the speaker as a load when setting gains because the voltage would be different.
  4. Where should I check where the h/u is clipping? at RCAs that goes to the amp or should I plug in the RCAs and then turn the gain all the way down and measure at the amp output? And it should be done with an 40hz 0db tone?
  5. I have about 3500W subw power. The alternator has 140A and I have a lead acid battery of 90Ah , do I need an extra battery? How big? Is it bad if I put another lead acid? Is there a formula? Thanks
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