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  1. What are the specs? re-coned? coils etc. how much shipped each?
  2. There is none better. Great for "backing up" iPODS
  3. I won't be able to drink this wekend, but I'll have one tonight!
  4. God damn! I wish there was a way to get some autographed shit. I always listened to "Fucking Hostile" before a patroll or convoy in Iraq to get in that perfect "mood". Better get that tollerance up bro, these guys can fucking party!
  5. Bad ass! I am surprised Phil and Rex are hanging out. I have been a Metallicat since the early 80's. Lucky Bastard!
  6. on ebay for $393.02 http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksi...-All-Categories
  7. It's cool man. Got anything else? I mean that level of a bad ass deal?
  8. Looks like someone is going to buy a dmm I am selling, if he does I'll help you out. This ia too good a deal to pass up!
  9. The string idea should have come to me, thanks. I can't wait for the weekend so I can fail at this with a full right up + pics.
  10. I have ability, I just need to see if there is room. How do I measure for a belt? do I need an extra idler pully?
  11. That sounds like a great idea. Would this work an any vehicle? I'll bet I could get a good alt from a pick and pull for next to nothing.
  12. in school we had to qualify at 1,000m but I was talking "real world". On the range there is no stress, conditions are usually pretty good and no one is trying to kill you. The only time some one is going to fire a shot up to a mile is either in a mountanous or flat area. In a city the conditions dictate the shot, not the range of the weapon. And even with the .50 1,000y is far. fuckin wind, baro pressure etc comes into play. And I don't take offense, I just didn't explain my self. That and I didn't see the vid. That shit is blocked at work. Why the BS flag?
  13. same here, I picked up a motorcycle lift thay was on sale and the first time I used it it was great, the second time it earned a spot at the curb. Save a little and get a quallity tool you can rely on.
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