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  1. Took my 10/22 out the other day. It has a TRS25 and a discontinued ATI folder (squirrel back packer for hunting out of the trees in NC) and was ringing steel at 225y. The public range in Albuquerque is fuckin awesome. Its out doors, simple enough rules and the guys who work there are pretty cool.

    Was going to take my Savage model 10 7mm rem mag and stretch it's legs but my shoulders tell me what to shoot.lol

  2. 14 hours ago, n8ball2013 said:

    I looked at the salvo. I backed away because it's big expensive and really not that quiet I backed off because of that. I'm starting to get the class 3 bug again. Just not sure what 

    Hearing safe on SBS VEPR sold me. Silencer co came to a shop where I worked when it came out. We put it on a vepr that was cut As short as possible and it was fuckin quiet (relative). Ran it on my 930JM pro and same situation. I must have fired 100 rounds through it that day and was instantly hard. It's big, but it is effective.

    I got a line on an auto seer for an AR. Just gotta decide if I need my dually anymore.lol

  3. On 6/15/2017 at 6:42 PM, n8ball2013 said:

    I've got the new gun bug again sigh. Was thinking of a cz or something. What I should be doing is loading ammo and not being so lazy. 

    I have the supressor bug. Been eyeing a Salvo. Or maybe something new for AKs. I ordered a Kestrel then cancelled after 9 months and no shipping date in sight. I've seen people make the mistake of ordering the can, getting the SN and dropping the form 4. Then when the company either over sold or just sucks you have to deal with a big fuckin headache.


  4. Some people get their ideas directly from their ass. I love every Vortex optic I've ever used. Turkish guns, for the most part are a bargain. The TP9 is no exception. If anyone is interested, a Taurus M9 clone mag works with a little convincing and I scored a handful of 32 rounders. It's fun to shoot and as realiable as they come.

  5. 4 hours ago, Keith77 said:

    Im all for Vortex.. Their customer service and warranty has me sold. Will be getting a vortex soon. Just couldnt pass up this EOTech for the price

    Have you looked into the trouble with EOTECH? They knew their sights were faulty and sold them to the military anyway. Here is a link to a couple problems addressed in a safety message sent out to USSOCOM


  6. 59 minutes ago, n8ball2013 said:

    I've already got registered lowers so it makes no difference to me any ways but now I'll get to see all the shouldered pistol builds again 

    Yup, but for people who don't dabble in NFA chit it's good news. To be honest, never knew anyone who was busted for shouldering a pistol because most folks I shoot with went the extra step.


  7. It comes down to lawyers, words, definitions of words.

    Not long ago there was an argument going on about weather a "machine gun barrel on a semi auto weapon" made a machine gun. Since the ATF decided (for parts kits, fucking anti-American NRA) that a machine gun is a machine gun and the barrels had to be chopped up on ANY parts kit coming into the country.

    Since the position of the "pistol brace" on your body can't change the definition of a term then a brace is a brace and a pistol is a pistol.

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