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  1. Where did you get yours?? from the pricing that i have, which is directly from Jasper, i only marked the items up 10%. i just googled and checked out every site and couldnt find anyone with better pricing. so i would really like to know where you got yours? used maybe? Pricing from Jasper is the same to EVERYONE.
  2. well i havent gotten a single reply other than Airborne...... anybody else?
  3. i cant figure out why the list shows up all jumbled together..... it looks fine when i edit it but when posted there are no spaces. any suggestions. anyway there are 4 price catagories and there are 4 prices for each item ill keep working on this list.
  4. Hey everybody, hope everyone had a great and safe holiday! As per request i have my account set up with Jasper Tools and i have pricing. All pricing does not include shipping. The more we buy the better the pricing, you can mix and match! For example the best pricing comes with buying 60 units or more, but i dont have to buy 60 of the same item to get that pricing. this is what i can offer, i am going to post pricing based on quantity and based on you guys letting me know what you are interested in thats what i will buy. Please only email me if you are serious. Remember that i do not have the tools yet, i am just trying to get an idea of where my first order will stand. Do not assume that you will get the best price on the list, i can only offer that price if i can justify ordering 60 units. And one more time pricing DOES NOT include shipping. Shipping will be figured later, you will be charged what i am charged. MODEL # 5 UNITS 15 UNITS 25 UNITS 60 UNITS 100 $20.97 $19.51 $18.05 $15.16 200 $33.22 $30.89 $28.55 $23.90 270 $29.14 $27.09 $25.06 $20.99 300 $41.39 $38.47 $35.55 $29.74 350 $8.72 $8.14 $7.55 $6.39 375 $11.17 $10.42 $9.65 $8.15 400 $20.97 $19.51 $18.05 $15.15 500 $16.07 $14.96 $13.85 $11.64 525 $14.44 $13.44 $12.45 $10.48 535 $20.15 $18.75 $17.36 $14.56 575 $20.97 $19.51 $18.05 $15.15 any questions please feel free to email me. [email protected]
  5. i have 2 RF 800a2's for the subs which are 2 15" hybrids built by Robot Underground. i have a RF 600a5 running the highs, not using the 5th ch. for a HU i have an Eclipse AV8022. MBQ 6.5 coaxials in the rear doors, 1" MBQ tweets all the way in the back pillars, Orion prototype HCCA 6.5's in the front doors with 1" MBQ tweets. Optima yellow top under the hood. Knukoncepts Konfused positive and negative battery terminals. 1/0 Knukonceptz power from the batt to the rear then into a Konfused 3 way distro block with 4ga to the amps. 1/0 Knukonceptz ground into a Konfused ground distro block with 4ga to the amps. 12ga Knukonceptz speaker wire. Knukonceptz Krystal RCA's. the Big 3 done with 1/0 Knukonceptz. i have a BC101 bass knob yet to install. A stinger volt meter waiting to install, waiting for it to arrive. as soon as i scrape up the money i am getting an MLA modual along with an Ohio gen. 240A alt and a dual alt bracket, ive already been talking to them, actually im about to send half the money right now for all that. i think thats it....
  6. whats up, im still full of adrenaline!! literally 5min ago i was on my way home and was like 3 blocks from the house, its a beautiful night out, its 66 degrees out and i had my shit up and my windows down. i come up over a hill and a cop was on the other side heading the other way. as soon as i saw him i cut it off and picked my speed up a bit, he had to turn around. i had two turns togo till i was home, just as i was making the first turn i saw that the cop had turned around, which put him about a block and half behind me. once i made that right my street was the next right, got to my house ( i useually back my truck in the drive) but not tonight. i pulled in the drive, and on my suburban if i push the interior light off/on 4 times the headlights cut off, just before the 4th push the cop came up on my street, he saw my lights and stopped, turned down my street and in my driveway. Then he cuts his lights on and at that moment i knew what time it was.....so i ran! J/K i walked down the drive to him and he got out and was the coolest ever, he told me "you got some driving skills, you almost got away" then he said " that right there, is a huge ticket"..."$100 a block" then he said take it easy, got back in his car and drove off. crazy...huh
  7. sorry its dark out and my camera phone doesnt have a flash. i added some pics that i took the other day but they dont have my name on them. i also added a pic of a woofer that i picked up in Feb but never got to use but a few times. its an Adire Audio/TC Sounds Hybrid w/ a RE duct cap made by Robot Underground, its a 15 and 4 ohm DVC.
  8. i will get some pics of the subs up in a min, but the only pics i can get of the amps is just the end of them because they are installed in my truck right now. will that work dwright27, make an offer for whatever your interested in. ill go take some pics now
  9. i am looking for one amp that is in the 2500-3000 range. or a couple amps in the 1300-1500 range. i will be powering 2 dual 4ohm 15's i have to trade 2 RF 800a2's and/or 3 RF HX2's all i have right now is an old pic but everything still looks the same. i can get seom "fresh" pics of the subs but the amps are still in my truck and are in an amp rack. just let me know what you think btw the pic say 02', that pic was taken when i took everything out of my car, i havent used the subs since. now the amps, i have used since 01 and they still are strong as ever! i dont really want to get rid of any of it but i wanna try something new. also i have end caps for the amps, they are not new but i have never used them, there in great shape though.
  10. sorry to hear that, but i bet he had a great 80 years. alot of people wont. my great grandfather was a little older when he passed and i remember what he told my dad just a few days before he passed... he said "never get old" all you can do is remember all the good times. times like these just make you stonger.
  11. nothing? any suggestions for me to check? i have pulled all the door panels off and and made sure none of the speaker terminals are touching metal and all the connections the the crossovers are good.
  12. Hello, i've had my setup in my truck for a while and about 2 weeks ago something new happened. first off i have an 2001 suburban with 2 Robot Underground built 15's running off of 2 RF 800a2 (black and grind) my highs are, in the front a pair of Orion HCCA 6.5 and some 1" MBQ tweets, rear doors are MBQ 6.5's with 1" tweets and another set of MBQ 1" tweets in the rear panels in the back of the truck. the highs run off of an RF 600a5 (black and grind) any way, recently if i have my dome light button on (so the interior lights come on when you open the door) if the radio is on i get a pop through the stereo, its not incredibly loud or anything but its noticable. also say im driving at night and i switch on the high beams...same pop. i have noticed that if i cut the high beams on and off more than one time in a row the pop is not there after the first time. but say i cut them on and then wait 10sec... theres the pop again. i have on ly noticed this with the interior lights and the high beams, doesnt happen with the turn signals or the brakes or backing up. im really not sure where to start with this one, so any help would be cool. if anymore info is need to help just ask. you can email too if you like.... [email protected] or if your in the Petersburg VA area maybe you could help. thanks for listening. later.
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