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  1. He travels a lot and really does not want to sacrifice much of his cargo space. Hes not looking to meter the thing or do big things he just wants more than the stock Bose sub put outs.

    I guess I will try a sealed box. Did anyone try the numbers in Torres calc? I cant get my tuning down low enough.

  2. 12" kicker L7 with a max of 2 cubic feet BEFORE any displacement. Amp is a Memphis MCD1000.

    Main question is should I just stick with a sealed box for this one or a small ported box? If I go ported how much area? I was thinking like 16sqin per cube and tune mid 30s...34-36hz. I been messing with Torres calc and maybe im retarded but I cant seem to get the right amount of port and get the tuning I want. Any help?

  3. Is there a place I can goto to find stock wiring diagrams/colors and harness locations? I find that I have to refer to google a lot to find out stock colors when people want to retain there factory radios. And sometimes its a pain to hunt down the best place to tap in if say the vehicle has a stock subwoofer or amplifier. Just looking for a decent website that shows things like this.

  4. if you do ge tit on you take a cold shower. The warm water causes your pores to open. Then you get the fiberglass shit in your pores and you itch. What Ill do is get it as cold as I can stand and then stand wiht the water right in front of me wihtout hitting me and hten wash my hair and head out. Rinse head down so all the shit comes off.

    WOW riskay! Moar of this please!! Damn I been doing it all wrong! who woulda thought to start with your head, lol.

    but for real just make sure your covered up decently...dust mask at least respirator is better....cold shower. I will be honest I get my grind on in shorts and t shirt 9/10 times I just take a cold shower and im good. And what Nate said, get in and just kinda let the water wash most of it away. Dont be scratching and rubbin that shit in. I read last week that a guy in Florida inhaled so much fiberglass dust that his passageways got clogged up.

  5. Don't make such broad all-encompassing statements... I never said all amp manufacturers do that.

    No, not all manufacturers slap stickers on their amp. Although lots of them do.

    And no, not all manufacturers test their stuff. Although lots of them do.

    Power acoustik slaps stickers and people eat it up like it's candy.

    Rockford fosgate tests their stuff and people still eat it up.

    Around SMD - we like to use the latter: good, tested, tried and true brands. But most people who walk into some store just buy what's placed in front of them. Most don't even know what to look for other than they see "1500 watts" in bold red lettering. So they get that.

    Don't go and pick little chunks out of my post out of context just to try and be wordy. That gets on my nerves...

    First off sweet heart, it looks like you need to read a little better before you go jumping the gun.

    Heres what I said

    So your thinking that all manufactures do is slap stickers on amps and call it a day without any testing?

    I never said that ALL manufactures just slap stickers on. Your taking what I said out of context.

    Its amazing how you know which companies test and which don't. Also its fascinating how you know what "most people" know and purchase.

    But I will try to make you happy again and address your entire post since your being so sensative.

    You said :


    But from an industry standpoint: Why would they do that? Equipement costs money, testing costs money. To them - they can just slap a 1500 watt lable on it and 90% of the people who walk into car toys will gobble it up.

    And if one of us were to use the AD-1, we could see what kind of real world power we are getting after voltage drop.

    I probably won't buy one myself, but I can certainly see the market for one :)"

    Why would a company test there equipment? Really are you kidding me? uhhh maybe for quality control. What kind of dumb statement is that, lol.

    So because testing and equipment cost money then you assume there are just not interested. Again with a thoughtless comment. What do you think amplifiers are built in some guys shed during his time off. I hardly think money is an issue here. And I am not saying they test everything that comes off the line either.

    90% of people go off the red label huh? Where do you get your statistics from?

    I don't shop at car toys

    Who cares if you plan on buying one.

    I have nothing to say about you seeing a market for this equipment.

    well I hope your happy now that I have addressed everything you said .

  6. i think it would come in handy with people who repair and mod amps, and people who review amps,

    Not really sure why a guy who repairs amps need to know how much power it does. I can see if you are someone who modifies amps. Who reviews amps?

    Again since it hasn't been discussed, I don't know what this thing does but from my and many other assumptions I would figure that there is already a pc of equipment just like this out there.

  7. Not to mention it sets a benchmark for the industry to compare to. There will be no more "my amps rated for 2000 watts!" when it actually never even comes close to that number.

    I would have made the assumption that if your a company who is in the business to manufacture or distribute an amplifier that you already have some sort of equipment to do such testing.

  8. Not sure 100% what this does but i think we all kinda have an idea of its purpose...My question is whats the point of this. Most manufacturers test amps before they ship and provide you with actual performance of your amplifier. Also what does it matter if your 3500W amp really does 4500watts...after rise and other factors your never see that power anyway.

    Again I haven't seen anything say exactly what this does but the only place I can see this useful is with someone who has too much money and time on there hands to sit around and "dyno" amps.

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