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  1. Stomp the flag challenge now?

  2. In need to have a drink...or three.

  3. Toolmaker goodies inbound Monday, and another skar 4500 in soon after. 10k in a smal car :)

  4. Have the wood, just not the motivation to finish the box. Need a 70 degree weather day. :)

    1. pa-pa-platypus
    2. Nate Futuristic
    3. sayhuh?


      I is. No worries...I'll post up in July how hot is and how unmotivating it is too haha

  5. By now, I should know NOT to open my bottle of soda after a rocking out. Not sure how many times I will clean soda up before I learn lol

  6. To sell my 4 15s to buy 2 18s or not, hmmm.

    1. KillaCam


      Uh are you making a deal with the guy below? Coincidence

    2. 206xtreme


      haha that's my dilema too!!!! And I have my reasons explained down.

    3. sayhuh?


      Nope. Didn't even see it lol.

  7. Yea, socialism..thats what it is lol

  8. Hey Steve, I just wanted to be cool and write a comment. I have no questions, cause I know you probably not read this and are too busy. =P

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