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  1. Okay, yeah, that aluminum looks great! I was watching you sand it with just sandpaper and I was like ouch, that is gonna be metal in the ole skin! haha 


    Let me know when I can drop my truck off with ya for some door panel work! ;)


    Not gonna lie, when I saw the thumbnail of the vid on youtube, I thought you wrapped the cadi in some color change wrap. lol When you know black is shiny...


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  2. But you know how we are...never satisfied, so with that, you'll drop it in and love it, but change something some where down the road! hahaha

    Like I just did with the house I built 3 years ago. Sold it, and building another cause I wasn't satisfied! Good thing is, the new owners got to keep the Irish pub decals you made. They too, Irish haha.

  3. I didn't take many pictures or much video this week. I just wanted to enjoy my time and not turn it into a mission. But i did get some pics of a few cool things. For one, the prototype 19" Sub that Rockford Fosgate is working on. This is a MOCK UP. It is not fully finished. If it was, i would not be able to hold it like this LOL. But talking to my people at RF, they are going to try their hardest to keep it under 150lbs, although early indications are it might be more. Anyway, here is a few pics.


    What is that sub to the right?

    That 19 is frikken huge. Hmm. Would these work in the Honda?

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