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  1. Okay, yeah, that aluminum looks great! I was watching you sand it with just sandpaper and I was like ouch, that is gonna be metal in the ole skin! haha 


    Let me know when I can drop my truck off with ya for some door panel work! ;)


    Not gonna lie, when I saw the thumbnail of the vid on youtube, I thought you wrapped the cadi in some color change wrap. lol When you know black is shiny...


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  2. But you know how we are...never satisfied, so with that, you'll drop it in and love it, but change something some where down the road! hahaha

    Like I just did with the house I built 3 years ago. Sold it, and building another cause I wasn't satisfied! Good thing is, the new owners got to keep the Irish pub decals you made. They too, Irish haha.

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