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  1. shit my bad just seen u posted on my page... but ill update it asap with current pics of the garage build

  2. bro u been a member forever and got no posts wtf are u doing with your life hahah..

  3. ba da da da bda da......bangin pac boiii!

  4. i guess if i look at it from your point of view i understand, but just know i did it out of the funny of it, not because it was towards you. it made me laugh cuz i have a friend that says that every now and then and it makes me laugh.. anyway sowwie nicky i wove you wont happen again!

  5. whyd u put im a fucking retard in my sig?

  6. like i toldu in the PM we just havin some fun dont take anyone serious unless itsthe admins/mods

  7. nice man. i was going to run all audioque the hdc318's and the 3500 amps but i found diff subs.. but make sure to make a build log i want to see this build bro

  8. seen you today by panda express 4 reason i know it was you.. 1 u were slammin and had me breakin my neck lookin for who it was 2nd your caddy lights 3 back shaved door

    4 its dropped

    i was the only one parked in the empty lot of panda express right there and i honked but im sure u didnt see me

  9. daamn still havent got your alt

  10. i see your looking for spl have u found it yet?

  11. souwooop..lol...wus up cuzzin 99civic

  12. sup brotherman..

    u HOPE SOMEDAY TO HEAR MEADES HOE why not ask the man for a demo? or u and i can just show up at his front door and say Rockford sent us for a demo to see how their amps are doing hah

  13. the black would look sick if your head lights were blacked out haha

  14. hey..im a secrete agent myself


  15. damn nigga aint no one commented u.... lol i guess ill take ur virginity since no one out there want it,,..

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