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  1. not really lol. Its a daycab with a 230 in wheelbase or so. and a 40ft belly dump. I can manuever that thing in some tiiiiiiight fuckin spots dude. I love running a day cab with a kinda longer wheel base, you can jack knife the trailer so far doing a tight u turn(did this today inside a wellsite that had an open gate) that the trailer tires will actually rotate backwards.

    shit load better spreading gravel with this than a dump truck.

    unloaded its right around 30,000lb. We haul about 25 tons of rock at a time in the belly dump vs a dump trucks 14-15 tons. The tractor is about 17,000lbs and the trailer is 13,000ish lbs.

    Probably my favorite thing to operate at my job, apart from a track hoe.

    you sir are a real tire slayer. I'd charge you for tires lol. Back to Mack. I've driven one of them old one love the exhaust noises right by m my head when shit didn't have dpf and def bullshit.
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  2. Tried this actually thought id be funny......it wasnt funny

    Is there an exciting story behind this?

    Nope, got pulled into scale for a level 1 inspection, he asked for bills and what I was hauling figured it was the right opportunity to say sail boat fuel and till this day I'm not sure if he thought I was an idiot or he just didn't get the joke.. Just picture saying something and being stared at with a blank face expression by a dot officer. Decided to put that joke away into my don't try that again folder. Lol.

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