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  1. Thats a funny comment. waves cant tell if they were produced by a circle or a square,but I like the logic. Square assholes need square dildos!
  2. I have a grip of photos I am trying to load out of photo bucket its says no bueno. what web site should i use? Please help. thanks in advance
  3. Would be great if we could only use publicly available cd's for that portion of testing. When a cd is burned it can be easily manipulated, that also takes out the option down loading from a p2p site. Lets just say fuck it and allow test tones straight noise for 30 seconds. Music whats that???
  4. I think there are some rules that need to be in place so people dont make home made bass cd's with test tones camo'd in them. I am fine with no chopped and screwed so long as burnt cd's arent used. It should go back to the old days of iasca where you had like 4 songs to choose from for the spl portion of your soundq+. I know today we need alot more choices. Make the disc available to everyone and make them play songs off that cd at shows. Something to that effect. cheating right now is way to easy.
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