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Status Updates posted by Gotz1lung

  1. Lots of tuning to do, but stoked my build is done

  2. Getting tattoo'd... this shit hurts...

    1. BeatBox


      it hurt so good lol what is it?

    2. MrSkippyJ


      i love the pain, but then again i have only had work done on my arms. i haven't had any done on really bad spots.

  3. Helped bobby weld in the frame work for the monsta last night.. 2x6x1/4in U channel...FUGGIN BEAST MODE

  4. got my TEETH today!

  5. So its official, im a married man!

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    2. Purplehaze


      Poor guy! Jk, congrats!

    3. meade916
    4. siccostyle


      Congrats homie. Hope you guys are happy and stay that way hahahahah. No really though congrats.

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