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  1. 4 minutes ago, Kyblack76 said:

    So impressed with the Hertz coaxials, i went larger/bigger. So much room in these dashes. And, sorry for many of you, myself included,.... bigger, is BETTER here. Leggo...
    20210415_135643.jpg 20210415_135652.jpg 20210415_140125.jpg

    I got more Second Skin, cut, and warming up, to lay around them.. then, ill crack the dsp open, and drop the high cut even lower.
    Also, these have adjustable tweets,.. sharp eye, would see im aiming them, at the corresponding A pillar. What im trying to achieve is a broad, or wider stereo affect. If that makes sense to some.

    Ill add the SS, and, then, with the laptop connected to the dsp,.. go for a ride, run my SQ type songs/files. See whats up. Ill get the mic on it, this weekend. I saved files if the previous tweets. Be interesting to see any and all changes. Cheers all.

    Looks good so far man. Keep up the good work.

  2. 34 minutes ago, Kyblack76 said:

    These are dope. Took the ole lady, and doggos for a 3 hour cruise in the mountains in a beast rain storm. Ran the audio (she likes it as loud as i do) full rip, for damn near most of it, even leavin it up, as we got out and walked around, ... under the seat, with the rear heat blowing right on em, they stay luke warm, not even close to any type of "hot" at all. Fucking rad. I am,.. officially, a fan of these little things. No dick riding, no nut hugging (which, ill admit, im prone to do, hey, when i like something, i take it to heart) . I dig these tanks. Obviously, longevity, will tell, but i see no reason why i wouldnt be beating on these things in 15 years from now. 

    Cheers all. 

    i was going to ask how you liked them but i guess you already said it lol

  3. 9 hours ago, Kyblack76 said:

    Hold up. Holy tits, i had no idea, the dash area, was sooo fucking large. Everyone on here, knows, space is ALWAYS a premium.  Dropping a 1" dome tweet (no matter how nice) just seems bad mojo to me. Ill run the driver side wires and think about it. 

    I think, a nice 3.5" coax, maybe hertz would live there wicked happy. Maybe put the tweet, bye its own satori mid in the door panel or something. Hmmmm


    Makes me wonder whats in my dash lol

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Kyblack76 said:

    Two new North Star group 27's are comin, gotta figure out the second bat under hood thing,.. but i got a idea. Stole a idea actually,  well see what happens. Still haven't gotten the boards or dsp up and running. Ran out of gas,.. meaning, i did. I also have a huge dental thing going on. (So sick of my fucking teeth)

      I go in, tomorrow at 8am. Not to thrilled,... well see how i feel after. Cheers all. 


    hope everything goes well man. 

  5. i was hoping it was the remains of a hunting trip of some lazy ass person that didn't want to take care of it right. no even worse, its a pet. sorry just really bugs me dog fight in my eyes just makes it even worse. not only do you have someone that's willing to dump a pet like this but add on to it with the idea of them making this poor dog fight to the death is even more sicking. i know sick people out there i'm one of them if you ever touch my kids lol. but damn this is just messed up in so many ways.

    steve i really hope you can show us this person getting justice.

  6. well hopefully someone can find who did it and take legal actions (Hope there is some kinda law forbidding stuff like this) or just flat out rough him/her up some so maybe they will think twice about respect, some might say "oh its already dead" or "oh its in animal". to some people the animal is more than family, and honestly just morally wrong to who did this. just hope they find the person/s who did it and do something....

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