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  1. On 11/18/2023 at 2:15 AM, Ecohostile said:

    I would help you for free but I'm all the way in washington state


    Try greasing the wire, cutting a large grommet passthrough, and pulling it through the firewall. the hardest [art is getting it started, but once it's through it should be a breeze.

    Thank you for the offer, I did try the only gromment that was I able to access, but come to find out it was not big enough, it was enough room  for the factory wire harness. One of my friends, had the day off yesterday and was able to drill it, he has a small enough and powerful drill that got the job done.  

  2. I am doing a system install in my 2005 toyota corolla xrs and have come to a roadblock.  Have the 0/1 gauge ran up the firewall, but unable to drill the firewall due to my drills not being small enough, wrong angle and trying to find a flat panel to drill for the 0/1 gauge waterproof gromment. Willing to pay someone to help me out, i messed up back and neck. This is the only thing that is hold back my whole system. I am in the Roseville/Sacramento, California area. 

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