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Status Updates posted by will77530

  1. People still post build logs here?

    1. Kyblack76


      Yo wil,.. how you been? 

      Not a ton of BLs anymore. Nothing like the "old" days. Kinda sad. 

      Hope you and yours are doing well man...

    2. will77530


      im doing just lovely how you doing.



      guess i should do one then. maybe i can win sotm lmao

    3. meade916


      of course they do.  All  you gotta do is look.

  2. hey people can message you on here that’s nifty

  3. done uploading build logs

  4. sq is harder than spl

    1. SnowDrifter


      It really is. Tough because it's so subjective

    2. Omega5002


      Not really so on subjective, just lots of attention to detail, planning, installation, staging everything, tuning, and making sure some sounds(like singer in center, drums on back left etc) are in the place they need to be while maintaining fidelity. That's the jist of it, there's still more to it.

  5. maro gets no love, how gay

    1. kingsuv


      No Loud.... No care

  6. all these new fuckers have over 1000 post and ive never seen there names on here more than once wtf is going on

  7. so ghostrider filed a claim against me due to the fact sky high and i lost his tracking number, both of us told him we were working on it i am now personally paying for a second order for him, just want this out there so the story doesnt get twisted

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    2. WastedTalent


      Def not to that Hellbilly. You always always first go to the man. Have a problem? Don't call em out, go to them. That's why my thing is a joke. Will's done great on everything we've done business on. If I had any problems, I'd go to him and not the forum. Will is the one that would fix it, what's the forum gonna do?

    3. will77530


      he is in texas, i dont know why shipping took so long, jon said he would call ups tomorrow and try to find a tracking number but i am over dealing with the kid so ill pay the bill and send him more just so i can be done with this

    4. ghostrider59927


      I sure hope It wasn't sent by ups cuz if so that's why id never get it since I gave you a P.O box number -_-

  8. rppv76 coming next week

  9. have a bunch of 2/0 wire showing up at the shop tomorrow hit me up if you need some

  10. rest of the week off, paid. might as well go check out some fab shops

    1. OrionStang


      I read "fap" shops LOL.

    2. Kyblack76


      i read "i have time off" and im gonna go hang with a bunch of dudes..... Well done Will... well done

  11. broke another phone should get the new one tomorrow, if im suppose to have your number message me

    1. WastedTalent


      Should have mine sir.

  12. can anyone print stickers? pm me

  13. all the new ppl on here ask questions but dont listen to the answers, its so frustrating

    1. Moreno93


      im the same way i learn by doing and failing. Not by listening. i just dont ask those type of questions here :P

    2. will77530


      so ignore all your post, got it

    3. kandiman71874


      Or ask for advice then do the opposite and get pissed when they dont understand why the results sucked

  14. fuck i cant stand ghost he is annoying as fuck but he is really trying to learn how to install and everyone is beating him up about it. let the dude try, hes not working on your cars and if a shop backs him its their problem

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    2. 95legwagon


      "like" this post

      let the dude try....we were all noobs at one point. i still kinda am.

    3. strangeduck
    4. will77530


      yea hes an attention whore, so ignore what hes doing and let him be, everyones happy,

  15. what happened to ppl trying to design there own boxes and trying to learn? now all these new ppl just want it done for them

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    2. meade916


      even worse, when people follow and praise people who had their shit done at a shop when really they should be praising the builder. Some people want to buy and not build, that's OK with me! Just don't brag like you are teh shit if you can't even turn a screw driver. LOL

    3. will77530


      there is nothing wrong with paying a shop to do something you cant, shit i tried to bag my truck on my own and bent my frame and took it to a shop to get it fixed.

  16. went total doucher =D lmao!!!!

    1. n8ball2013


      said the kid who called fi to find out what recones fit his btl so he could order it from another company

    2. Bigsix


      doucher is as doucher does.

    3. will77530


      kids not breaking a 50 with 4 15s so his opinion doesnt count for shit to me

  17. anyone have some left over 1/0 i need like 12-15 ft to wire up my compressor i need it fo cheap though

  18. bad info bad info everywhere

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    2. dog24fret
    3. Ninja_v1.0


      how many db's to shake windows ?

    4. will77530


      this is directly related to the amount of capacitors you have you need atleast 4 to shake windows add a couple GOLD horns to that an you are now a wall shaker

  19. suspended for talking about a horrible install

  20. got the job at paradyme big thanks to steve and kingsuv

  21. follow up interview at paradyme tomorrow fucking stoked

  22. spent the last hour getting interviewed by terry soohoo hopefully he calls me back

    1. n8ball2013


      did you tell him you know steeb meeb?

    2. will77530


      i dropped hella names not gonna lie

    3. Kyblack76
  23. new chicken hill cd is dope definately worth buying

  24. just got asked to be a moderator of the car audio advice page.......

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    2. HatersGonnaHate


      Lol the page on Facebook??

    3. Raptorman


      Good luck. Nothing but bashers. Gonna suck to keep everyone tamed.

    4. will77530


      yea the one on fb i told them helll no

  25. a dmm is not the proper way to set gains

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    2. Raptorman
    3. meade916


      sounds about right to me lol

    4. mikelbolton


      True story... I honestly think I would have been a lot more conservative with my gains than I was using my DD1... and everything is working great!!!!

      DD1 for the win!!!

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