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  1. Damplifier is a butyl product so it can catch fire, it is rated to handle 450 degrees so it takes some punishment before it goes up in flames and I don't believe a mere spark will set it off. The even better thing is since Damplifier is actually designed to be used inside of vehicles (unlike so many low quality tar/asphalt roofing products on the market) it passes the car industry fire safety testes and is "self-extinguishing". Which means it may catch fire but will put itself out very quickly. I just made a video of us testing this out with a propane torch and our Damplifier butyl put itself out every try. I'll link the video to this thread as soon as I post it. You will be good to cut through it just fine, but keep the extinguisher nearby for safety!!!

    Was hoping you'd chime in.

    Thanks for the input!!!

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