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  1. Just to give you guys an idea on how large that 580 is


    Thats a

    9800 GT PE

    285 GTX

    470 GTX

    580 GTX

    great pic :D

    my work PC (the old Alienware) was updated a few years back, right before i built this one, and it has 2 GTX285's in it......and THAT thing aint no punk either :D Well, compared to this it is, but the 285 is a great card :)

    The 285 still beats out the 460, and the 295 still beats some of the 5xx series cards.

  2. Oh I don't give the users credit at all. Hell I got a ticket from our amazing helpdesk last month from a user that called in because ANTS where coming out of her keyboard. What am I supposed to do about that? BITCH STOP EATING OVER YOUR KEYBOARD.

    I finally got around to calling her a few days later.

    "Hey this is Desktop services, I hear you have ants"

    "Yeah, I did, I sprayed them with a bunch of raid, I got really sick, but I'm better now and the ants are gone so that's good"

    :: at this point I mute the phone because I'm laughing hysterically. ::

    "Well that's good, glad it all worked out, have a nice day"

    I got another one from a lady who claimed she couldn't get pages to load unless she rocked her computer back and fourth. You know, like a baby.

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  3. Well it seems like theres a short list of people who got a meade install. At this point, its like getting a car done by foose. Looks really good, I just wish I had half the work ethic you and some of the other guys on the forum do, its difficult for me to get motivated now a days with so much stuff I have to get done :)

    Good work man, keep it up!

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