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  1. Come on you photoshop happy guys check my threads

  2. immmmmmmmm backkkkkkk=]

  3. make offers on my amp guys,

  4. LOL bro its not august anymore its September lmao

  5. anyone want a aq2200 for 290 plus half shipping?

  6. Editing time Dont forget to subscribe guys

  7. 2 dd1508s left 100 plus shipper a piece pm me for info please

    1. Purplehaze


      What??? You sellin the DD's???

    2. TeejayBee
    3. MrSkippyJ


      WHAT? i really just wanted to type in caps. why you selling?

  8. Why is this status full of facebook updates come on

    1. BeatBox


      because facebook is the thing these days

  9. dont let the voting die down just yet guys and girls still got 10 more days till voting is over

  10. Vote Teejaybee For SOTM Augest 2011 ill server a good term xD

    1. OrionStang


      A set of Rainbow components could put you over the top, just sayin. :)

    2. jojo42


      Whens Augest? never heard of that month

    3. jojo42


      Whens Augest? never heard of that month

  11. I appreciate all the votes guys means alot

  12. nom nom nom get more votes for sotm guys oh and nom nom soft taco shells xD

  13. Lets get this voting going guys and gals ,

  14. Lets get more for sotm guys

  15. Damnit james check you inbox and text me

  16. pink hood? maybe coming tomorrow to test out the new resborator

  17. Spaghetii and redbull = lunch for winner

  18. Flex in the engine bay from 4 8;s i think so, video coming

  19. girlfriend got 1k $ from her grad party fuck yeah vacation is gonna be better now

  20. new pics are up check em

  21. i want to buy a amp today so get at me



      got ur name on it brother

  22. build log updated check it out,

  23. I LOVE ALL THE FACEBOOK SHIT gtfo im sick of seeing your personal life

  24. gotz two of my three batts watch for updates

  25. Rammstein cant understand what he says but its damn good music

    1. Autruche


      A lot of Rammstein lyrics are pretty messed up.

    2. Watch the bass

      Watch the bass

      In German language them did. And that´s the better songs,

      all first album and from the others together 2 hands full.

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