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  1. if only criminals would follow the law

    "When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in ... that's just human nature."

    -Citizen dearming activist Dianne Feinstein

    that better not be a real quote lol

    that better not be a real quote lol

    Unfortunately to my knowledge it's real


  2. Anyone ever ordered here? My Christmas bonus was a little bigger than expected, so I'm gonna splurge on some "here's to a great year" drinks, and Master is the only place I can find what I want (Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve)

    Just curious to know who has ordered and how the experience was.

  3. replacement.png

    i was actually arguing with some guy how in hurts us more than helping the economy. dude thinks if minimum was at $21.60 everyone would be better off and our economy booming.. yeah right. tell that to the people who lost jobs and are now on welfare.. not to mention the price hikes that come with it

    Yeah, that's what people don't get about minimum wage. Minimum wage and the cost of living are directly related. Minimum wage goes up, so does the cost of all goods and services. Sure, you'll be making $20+ an hour, but now your gas is $6/gallon, bread is $10 a loaf, and monthly rent is 2x what it was before.

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