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  1. I know for me, it got to the point in San Andres that I got so bored I literally tried to follow the rules of traffic. Lol.

    I think that's true about me with every GTA game lol

    In terms of GTA V... What isn't appealing? lol, the whole game is phenomenal. The entire game has been reinvented, and brings in a lot of elements from other R* games (shooting is very reminiscent of RDR)

  2. I game on both consoles and PC. I've spent probably $2k+ on my PC, so of course it's going to look better than console... I don't understand why most PC gamers like to brag about it. Sure, games looks better on my PC, but I spent more on my graphics card than I did on my consoles...

    For what I spent on them (buying both at launch day), the PS3 and 360 had damn good graphics compared with a similarly-priced PC at the time of release!

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