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  1. refurbished-from what i heard means it was opened or sent back but not used and the price is cut down for instance in half

    No, refurbished is when something is broken, and someone fixes it and sells it.

    most of the time, its better to buy refurbished.

    It's cheaper, and is personally tested and guaranteed working. But, new stuff is made in a batch, and only one item per batch is tested. If the item they test works, the whole batch passes.

    The only down side to refurb stuff is cosmetic damage.

  2. No ones to tell me if that headunits any good?

    Or encourage me?

    Haha whatever.

    It turns out I won't be driving this...

    Dad plans to turn this p.o.s. for the "Cash for Clunkers" government deal going on.

    So, we're using the $3,500 (or $4,500, whatever we get for it) to go towards a new Impala for mom, and then getting a cheap starter car for me.

    So, I'll be doing a more long-term build in the car that is for me, since I will be paying them back for it at some point.

    Glad I didn't start anything on this truck yet.

    Anyone know if I could get any money for the HU in this?

    It's a sony Xplod something, with just the standard AM/FM and CD player...

  3. Honestly I would save the hassle and get the Alpine.

    If you buy from Crutchfield I forgot to add that they also give you all the harnesses necessary to complete the install so it makes it way easier on you.

    That HU also has 3 pre-outs for Front, Rear, and Sub.

    do you have Bose speakers?

    Wow, to be honest, I never even saw that Alpine you suggested.

    I may have to look into that, that's cheap.

    And honestly I'm not sure about the Bose speakers right now.

    Mom is out right now, I'll check in the morning.

    I know one of our cars has the Bose speakers, but I believe its my dad's '03 Silverado.

    I could be wrong though.

    Ahaa, to the comment about 6 18", that will have to wait until the burb is mine. :D

    I think my parents are going to give it to me at some point, but it won't be anytime soon.

    It will be after they buy a new car for mom (looking at some new Monte Carlos, Impalas, or Civics. blehh on the Civic, I want a Chevy... lol)


    If I do end up getting a new HU, I'll end up spending a little extra money to get the Alpine 9886 instead of the 9884, just because it has the iPod control, as well as an extra USB slot, which I would use alot.

  4. Is this what you are talking about?


    Also, thanks for your help so far!


    Sorry, that was to brsteinbach.

    Budget isn't really too much of a problem, I just don't want to spend too much.

    Honestly, I don't even know a ball park figure to throw, I just don't really want "top of the line" stuff.

    Just something that will sound good, and can get decently loud.

    I only plan on getting 1 sub, but if the price difference isn't too much, I might go with 2.

  5. I'll be honest with you, I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything with this.

    All I know is, I want some bass... Haha.

    I really want to learn what I can...

    So, what is rms, and how do you "tune" a box?

    I know, complete noob here, but whatever, I want to learn.

    Also, when installing, I won't be going alone. My brother knows alot about this stuff, but he moved out about a month ago, so I don't see him that much anymore. I'll get him to teach me to install and whatever.

    And, you never answered the one question, it is absolutely necessary to get a new HU?

  6. Alright, so I was driving my mom's Suburban today, and had to bass up and noticed its nothing.

    I mean, for stock, its decent, but not good enough.

    So I asked her, and she said as long as its ok with dad, I can put in a sub, but not a big system.

    First, I have a question.

    Would I need a new headunit?

    I realize it would perform better with a new HU and everything, but is it absolutely necessary?

    Now, can you guys give me suggestions?

    All I want is something to give it tiny bit of kick, but I want it to be loud enough to when I'm driving it alone, I can have some fun with it.

    I also need suggestions for an amp to go with it.

    If I need a new HU, could you also suggest a nice, cheap one with the basics? (AM/FM and cd)

    If it doesn't bump the price up too much, I would also like an iPod ready one, but its not necessary.

    So then, thanks for the help, and if you need anymore information, I'd be glad to tell you what you need to know.

  7. This isn't really a build, but I didn't know where to put it.

    Anyway, I'll be driving soon (I have my learner's, get my license soon), and dad is letting me drive the '89.

    It's the same truck my bro drove when he first started, and he's the one that got me into systems.

    He had 3 Kicker 12" in there, not sure on the amp and stuff, but it was loud as hell.

    Anyway, I plan on doing something close to that.

    It has this crappy Sony xplod something-or-other.


    The HU is where the tape deck used to be, because the radio was a square, and not dig enough for a screen.

    So, now there's big ugly empty space.


    The Capacitor my bro used is still in there because he has a different one for his Envoy.



    I don't plan on during any "look goods" on it.

    It has a dent that I don't feel like messing with, since it's dad's truck and I'll be getting my own car at some point.


    It's mostly pre-wired because of my bro's old set up, so there won't be much work when I get started.



    Various other pictures I found that I posted online.





    On to what I want to do!

    I plan on getting at least 2 12"s back in it, possibly 3 like my bro had.

    Not really sure on the amp or anything of that yet.

    First step for me will be replacing that p.o.s. head unit.

    It eats my cds. Literally, the last cd I took back out of it bad a burn mark on it...

    The remote picks its days to work, and the screen just flashes. All the time.

    You have to guess what you're doing.

    You have to press a button like 3 times for it to anything...

    Anyway, I would like to get this HU, and was just wondering if you guys had any good (or bad) things to say about it.


    And other information if you would like to know:

    I'm not a "one-genre" type of guy. The system will be switching from rap to metal to country to r&b/soul on a daily basis.

    I don't usually mess with cds, and stick to the iPod/USB scene, but if I get a new cd, I will use it in the car, so I don't want one of those iPod optimized HU's with no cd player...

  8. What's up, my names Michael.

    I'm 15 (I know... young...) I turn 16 in a few months.

    I'm in Virginia, near Richmond.

    I plan on building up a "system" in my '89 Silverado at some point, but it won't be anything too great because it's technically Dad's, but when I get my own car, then I'll build something sweet up.

    I searched "Top Rap Songs" or something in YouTube and EXO's 100 Best Bass Songs vid came up, and that was sick.

    Through him, I found Steve's vids, and found this place.

    Good to be here.

    P.S.- I first found my love for loud ass sound systems from my brother when I was 12. He was just starting driving at the time and was driving the Silverado I'll be driving. He had 3 12" Kickers behind the seat in the single cab truck, and that small space with those subs made for some LOUD DEEP bass. :D

    Anyway, long story short, I plan on doing what he did to the truck.

    If it's ok with him, I'll post up some pics of his current ride. '04 (I think... Maybe '05) GMC Envoy with the same 12"s that were in the Silverado. Not sure of the amp or anything... I'll find that out later.

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