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  1. might take my car to a mechanic damn electrical problems i cant solve FTW

  2. wish having a system didnt come along with all sorts of electrical problems FML on a good note im doing excellent in my college classes and the day is beautiful outside yeeeah buhdy!

  3. no prob. Im sure itll get very loud. one of my homies has two 12s lvl3s off a 15oo rms amp and it gets loud ass fuck i couldnt tell the diffrece from some other guy we knew and he was running 2 15" l7s. that aq2200 is going to make those 12s happy. just as long as evrythings done right youll have that system for a LONG time and be loud ass fuck too ha.

  4. Just ordered some XS power!

  5. that dc shirt you designed looks sick bro good shit

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