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  1. Nothing here i didnt read the rules
  2. This stuff needs to go, just sitting in the garage taking up room. 2 sets of 12' dB link Elite series RCA cables NIB $11 shipped per set 1 set of 17' dB link Elite series RCA cables NIB $14 shipped 1 SET OF 20' dB link Elite series RCA cables used $15 shipped (not pictured, same style as those listed above) 2 packs of 4 0 AWG 5/16" ring terminals $6 shipped (packages on the right side of picture) 12 packs of 4AWG 5/16" ring terminals $5 shipped 1 spool of black 4awg. Let me know how much you need and we will work out a price Feel free to make an offer, just dont be stupid about it..... Best means of contact is sport91 at gmail dot com
  3. someone make some offers ready for this stuff to be gone
  4. Steven I sent ya a PM, didn't receive your email though
  5. the 8 awg is a run of red and a run of brown/black 15' long, no splicing and yes $8 for both, paypal is the hotmail address at the bottom of the listing. I wont be able to ship til saturday due to work schedule
  6. ITEMS ARE MADE BY DB LINK UNLESS LISTED AS DIFFERENT SHIPPING IS QUOTED AS USPS FLAT RATE OPTIONS, IF YOU PREFER A DIFFERENT METHOD THE PRICE WILL BE ADJUSTED ACCORDINGLY Some items the shipping actually cost more than the item itself. I am open to reasonable offers on multiple item purchases. Please if you dont have the money dont waste both of our time. (1) ~20' Purple RCA $15 shipped (3) ~15' runs of blackish/brown and red 8 awg, previously used for speaker wire $20 shipped each or $50 shipped for all three (4) 4 packs of 0 awg ring terminals with 5/16" hole $5 per pack plus shipping SOLD 15’ 0 gauge clear/silver wire SOLD (3) 4 packs of 4 awg ring terminals red and black with 5/16" hole $3.50 per pack plus shipping ( 4 packs of 4 awg ring terminals blue and grey with 5/16" hole $3.50 per pack plus shipping (1) 17' Purple RCA BNIB $17 shipped (2) 12' Purple RCA BNIB $12 shipped each (2) 1.5' Double shielded BLUE RCA cables SOLD I have a large amount of misc lengths of rca cables and wire available. 0 gauge mostly under 4’ some with ring connectors on them already, would be good for big three upgrades. Various lengths of 4 and 8 awg that need to go, email what you need and I will see if I can find something for you to work. FASTEST CONTACT FOR ME IS EMAIL sport_91 at hotmail SMD feedback: “Super Seller”: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/25829-super-sellers-buyers/page__p__383774__hl__Navi__fromsearch__1entry383774 “batt sale” http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/21104-navi/page__p__316029__hl__Navi__fromsearch__1entry316029 should be others posted as well just didnt find them in the search, sold several subwoofers on this board.
  7. I bought these when they first came out hoping to compete with them, since then I sold both vans and in a new hobby, these are just collecting dust in the garage with the rest of my gear. They are brand new, only opened to make sure they werent damaged in shipping, never mounted, never even had a meter hooked to check resistance.... Really wish I could of put them to use, but its not gonna happen They are dual .7 coils Price is 700+ shipping or best offer per sub, IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY DONT BOTHER WASTEING EITHER OF OUR TIME. Not really interested in trades, maybe for a higher end 4 or 5 channel
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