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  1. Ok heres something to know. The M4 recone kits are the same as your M3. DC changed model names for clarical reasons for those.

    The M4 has the new machined basket tho right? Both mine have the old 6 spoke basket that you can buy anywhere. Would that mean that they are both M2s?

    yours could still be m3 motors. post picks and we can go from there. regardless you will have to upgrade to the new basket

  2. Since everyone is in an uproar about DC not posting T/S for what's essentially a custom or spl/demo sub, I took the time to help Rusty out. That being said IM POSTING what I have. So don't start asking what if...... Questions. It's a Reference for some and may help others. I'm testing a d1 m3 lvl 5 15 with cf cone and cap, and a m3 lvl 5 12d1 with just a cf cap, both stock spider packs. Fell free to comment away until I post tonight. Both will have 2 hours free air breakin time at 20-30hz to loosen spiders to get a better and more accurate results

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