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  1. corret me if im wrong but isnt it pretty much to the xl? yes, but not exactly, it doesnt change xmax and some other stuff. its different i think, but only slightly. edit: it might be the same as the xl, but with 500 more rms in a lvl 4 package.
  2. 1995 Chevy c1500 ext cab power: 18ft (front left hood aka battery, straight back, all the way right, down under the cabin, up through the side rail, and to the back wall of the cab, finally then 3 ft to the left.) ground: 3ft rcas: 17ft
  3. CCA = copper clad aluminum, OFC = oxygen free copper (better). there about the same unless your competing.
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/KnuKonceptz-KCA-Red-Ultra-Flex-1-0-Gauge-Power-Wire-50-/390276242463?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5ade46dc1f#ht_4541wt_1139 $100 for 50ft of some of the best wire out there.
  5. the comps will move a lot more than you think too. i had 2 12s and always treated them like babies until i threw 1.5k at 2, with respectable gains of course, and they get moving. best "budget" sub Ive ever used.
  6. if you mean just the regular one with the DC on the side, yes. 100% cotton and they are quite comfortable and feel nice.
  7. yes that would be a waste on a fourwheeler lol. but 60 is the cheapest ive seen some componets there are Kenwoods, RFs, Kickers, Powerbass, Pioneer, MB Quart, Clarion, Infinity, and more that are around 60. (45-90) but why go for SQ when on a 4 wheeler...
  8. lol mexican cars? yea. or the ones with a 6.5 under there hood so EVERYONE can hear there awesome music choice. I dont get it... not being racist or anything but, what is with a very few amount of hispanics who just love the fake chrome, chrome door handles, trim, tail lights, fake air vents, etc. And they have to be loud and gaudy like they are trying to make some huge statement that there better than everyone(me thinks they are self righteous...) (fyi: i live in south texas) not trying to thread jack... sorry.
  9. Outside the car is a zero pressure zone.
  10. Yeah i agree with you, im making my own box now and its way better than some pre fab garbage and better than i know the shitty car audio places around here would do for me, plus you save $$$. Give it a try x3, and when you finish, you get a sort of self satisfaction. and they are generally 1000 times better than prefabs(for ported), and sealed boxes are usually really easy to do, no tuning, or port displacement. AND YOU LEARN! thats my biggest thing.
  11. if you have a torch or something that can heat up plastic, you could get a 6in PVC and flare it...
  12. Knukonceptz, bought 25ft a week ago and installed it. It's some beefy wire but also it can be tied in knots.
  13. could you reword what your talking about so i (and we) can understand what you are trying to say. (there are a bunch of typos in the second and third sentence.) edit: your battery needs to be completely disconnected, negative of first, then positive off. Run the power from the battery under the hood to the battery positive on the amplifier. Then run your ground from where ever your amp is (i.e. if it is in the trunk, ground the amp in the trunk to the FRAME or the best place possible.) to your amp. Put the remote turn on in and reconnect the battery, positive first, then negative. I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND THE SECOND SENTENCE(So i out the power and the ground to the Battery sence it is in the trunk.) SO IM NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS, LIKE IF THERE IS A BATTERY IN YOUR TRUNK? OR POWER WIRE FROM THE BATTERY TO TRUNK?
  14. i had this in my truck not too long ago. i had a crack in something on my engine, the bottom of it, and the air leak was causing it to get wierd amounts of air and idle at like 1500rpms when 600rpms is norm.
  15. 1 18 on a 3k would move some air and be quite loud, but from what I've seen, cone area=air movement(for the most part). 8 10s would look crazy too.
  16. if it isnt a sealed battery, dont put it in the car, period. and i always see people running two batteries on there alt and it seems to do fine but they usually have HO alt plans in the future. I have heard of people running 7 batteries on a stock alt, but didnt know how long it lasted either. personally, i would be confortable with 1 extra battery on a stock alt but if you need more than 1 extra, go HO Alt. but thats just me.
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