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  1. More money..... I did a budget system the right way and it was like 700, but that's with mids highs sub amp wiring and box. You don't have to have 700 like me but the more money the mo betta.
  2. I think his buddy blew it during a rooftop garage demo at a car show or something, and PSI was there so they got to work on it a little and then... Idk. He has a video of it, it was in the opti6000d when it blew.
  3. BL is for ported. Q is for sealed.
  4. Do like an XL 15 on 1500rms with a good battery up front. 0 gauge is fine and so is big 3. And power acoustik is doo doo, that's why he said no. For an amp do like sundown, or kicker, or AQ, etc. Just not power acoustik.
  5. If you had an oscope i guess it would be ok but the AQ is your best bet if you don't have one.
  6. Why di you think people would bash you, that's a damn good box for a first timer, and I'm not being sarcastic. Some carpet or something on the outside would make it look even better. Great job.
  7. And it will put strain on your alt if you add to many batteries and no HO alt.
  8. Low voltage as 13 isn't bad at all. Before my new battery(hc2400, think that's what it is), I would drop to 11. Edit: with 200 you probably couldn't stop 2kwrms from having voltage issues. Only thing close to that price would be a HO alt for like 280 that would be 220 amps.
  9. Kickers amps are nice, Also sundown are really nice too.
  10. I have delt with cvrs a lot, don't give the 12s more than 600rms because then they start to heat up quick. 500 or rated 400 would be perfect. Measure space to see how much room you have regarding the 15s. Zx1500 wouldn't be too much just might want to run it at 4 ohms.
  11. H/O alt would probably be better. An extra battery would basically stop voltage drop for 1.5kwrms but it will cause stress on your alt which could eventually lead to a new alt anyway. I would go with a new alt, but an extra battery would do wonders also. I run about 1750rms and I used to get retarded voltage drop without any electrical upgrades.
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