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  1. I personally love soundstreams equipment, have run the tarantula series stuff for 2 years no problem. As forthe t5s, they will put in work.
  2. Iirc the 5k can put out like 7k at higher volts.
  3. My theory is it let's the sub breathe in a way. Sealed cabin means another almost enclosure surrounding the sub, or at least what I have come up with but w/e.
  4. CVTs would of been perfect for your application but gotta work with what you have.
  5. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/38791-torres-box-tuning-calculator-updated-310/ mess around with the numbers and such.....
  6. Leaking acid. Get new battery most likely. if you dont go gain crazy 1k is fine on stock electrical. I ran 1800rms on stock electrical and big 3. (105 amp alt, nice interstate batt)
  7. Didn't Meade have some of these in his tahoe's doors? Like a year or something ago?
  8. Some jigs have adjustable knob or something like that to swivel the bottom
  9. Even if it doesnt turn out right, if you had the room or option you could use thin MDF to go over it. Like 5/8ths or somethin
  10. That's a nice ass set up with that DD like that. gives me ideas for my truck.
  11. 4 XL 15s on a warhorse?!? SHITS WEAK! lol... Jk, that's like my dream system... GOOD SHIT!
  12. If you get the AQ, just feel out how the sub is acting, and go from there, I love the 2200 though.
  13. Watts rms going to subwoofer? Lower than recommended watts usually means a bigger box, higher than recommended watts usually means smaller box.
  14. Cap would probably not do anything. They seem to help when you already maintain voltage, not when it struggles. iirc.
  15. tweak my audio system or look up specs of random woofers and build boxes on sketchup for them.... and music.
  16. I have used wall paint(like for sheet rock) without primer on MDF and it doesn't seem to soak any of it up and I used a roll on. (I used it on a desk for my room made of MDF.)
  17. Good to hear your alright, heal fast!!! And x2 on what SuperJay said.
  18. Benny benasi- come fly away skrillex- kill everybody skrillex- scary monsters and nice sprites skrillex is dubstep but it gets me pumped when I play shooting gAmes
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