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  1. And port length should probably be in the mid 20s for ~35Hz tuning. Mine were 23inches.....
  2. x2 realistically try 3 4" ports. I did it on my lvl 4 15 in a 3.5 cube box and it loves it and sound magical.
  3. Meade's older box for the BTLs had one, could refer back to his vids. I think he used bolts
  4. Yea, if your on the team or not you usually get team pricing, or at least I do, nice people on the phone, the sub I got from them blew me away, and a email will get you prices quick or a phonecall
  5. Figure out what subs and then do one. The amp would look nice on the front.
  6. Lvl 4 15s, 600 will be enough for two and they will like the extra 300 rms each.
  7. hey jackass, we are helping him in the long run, caps do basically nothing, unless you like a digital voltage readout. If he is only running 700rms he can use them if he wants bit he doesn't need them at all. And at first it sounded like he was going to be running a decent amount of power, that's why the battery and alts came in to play.
  8. Not really a race car but I love muscle, 1970 chevelle SS with a 454, red with black stripes.
  9. Lil wayne is trash after like all the auto tune, weak ass guitar, I did like the Carter 3 and most stuff before that. I would love If he was shipped of to antartica for a decade
  10. I have 4 gauge running to a 200rms mids highs amp, FTW! 8 gauge to sub.
  11. You can get alternators usually that will fit almost every vehicle, just send mechman, power bastards, DC, iraggi, and whatever oter companies an email and ask.
  12. mine did too until I put my DC 15 in a proper ported box and at full tilt, I have no voltage drop, it amazed me at first. I'm running ~1700rms
  13. You can run multiple batteries or you could just upgrade the battery under the hood.
  14. caps are almost useless. I have used them before and they did almost nothing. If you ever need an electrical upgrade you might as well do it right by either upgrading you battery(to like XS Power, Kinetik, Shurukin, etc) or upgrade your alternator to a high output one. If you going to run 500 watts rms you don't need electrical upgrades, I didn't do anything until about 1800 rms because that is when my voltage would drop. If it's under ~1300rms you don't really need electrical upgrades but if you go more than that look into it.
  15. 1 month went up like $2, 3 month went up like $5, and 1 year is $60 not $50, but XBL experience compared to playstations experience is worth the money
  16. More money..... I did a budget system the right way and it was like 700, but that's with mids highs sub amp wiring and box. You don't have to have 700 like me but the more money the mo betta.
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