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  1. Whats up SMD, been awhile! I wanted to take a bit and share a new project that I have in my shop right now. Most of you are probably familiar with the Mechman Hearse, I mean it is pretty hard to miss! The hearse was dropped off to me a couple weeks back to get a refresh and partial rebuild. My focus will be mainly in the back with the batteries and amps. Maybe a few new touches to the box but the 12 DC Audio Level 5 15s and the 4th order will be staying.

    So that is enough talking, on with the pics! Let me know what you think as we go!!!


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  2. Im feeling a little sceptical but the CJ guy says he can get me a frame, and recone hmmm

    Good luck getting enough spider to allow any excursion. I know you look to have changed your mind a bit which is a good thing.

    Just a quick FYI, the Level 6 coil is 3.5" in diameter. It doesn't leave you with much meat on a typical 9.25" spider.

    The new 6 spoke basket that Fi/Crossfire came out with will accommodate a 10" spider. Look for the Crossfire XSv2 12" in a blowthrough in the near future.

    Incorrect. The Level 6 uses a 4" coil. To be built it would use a TC frame and 10" spider. Same spiders that are used on the 15" and 18" versions.

  3. With XLs you can go as small at 1.25ft3 per sub if you need to, that is one great thing about DC woofer, they dont mind being in a small box.

    With your amp situation and already having a Dual 2 ohm sub, best option would be to go with a pair of amps and wire strapped at 2 ohm.

    If you have any specific questions about any of this, please feel free to ask, I would be more than happy to help.

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