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  1. How am I missing the point? My first reply was that Thor isn't a numbers guy and then tried to put someone else's lofty SPL claims in perspective.

    You can't compare a numbers build to an SPL build. Then a few people called BS on my claims. It did get derailed a bit. I apologize.

    But having been a part of the loudest trunk on the planet for the last 3-4 years... I thought I was entitled to an opinion.

    There is a difference in a trunk playing 55hz to reach numbers vs a trunk that is build to demo and smash the fuck out of people. Playing some 50+hz song on the meter doesn't mean shit. I can assure you that that 60 or what ever number he is putting up with those 10's will sound totally different vs a musical install that will put up 153's at 32,34-36 and even 40. How do you classify your loudest trunk on the planet? Something that will punish the meter or something that will demo 30+ minutes and still put up over a 50. Something that can only play 55 or 56hz or something that will murder 26-40hz all day long?

    Just curious.. I honestly dont give a shit about numbers.. I could care less. Most of the time when im at a show im hammered off vodka anyway. The last show i did i purposely parked my car on the side of the lanes and ran my subs full clip full tilt for 25+ minutes until they died said fuck it went to hooters and hit on some bitches..

    I dont even know why I got started.. sigh.. gotta love the audio world.. feels good to have an empty car and trunk


    "How many bras are you wearing" - ninja

    "Just one....." - waitress

    "FOR ALL THEM TITTIESS!!??" - ninja

    Thats how 90% of dinners go after shows too..


    :rofl: we have such good times.. I should have tried to hit that ;)


    LMFAO haha that's epic !!!

  2. That's why I don't compete and hate organizations putting low ground pounder trunks next to burp boxes and high freq only set ups ...

    Stating their #s but always leave out on what freqeuncy ! LOL

    Much respect to Thor putting out numbers and then demoing right after, shout out to ninja !

    Shout out to all musical trunks !

    For now ill just keep on demo'ing at shows, that's the way I support the game .

    Goodluck all

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