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  1. It is not her job to force everyone to slow down and do at least the speed limit. If he was trying to pass her for three minutes that is 180 seconds of her just PURPOSEFULLY blocking him. And there were a bunch of opportunities to move over to the right lane. I hope she gets into a serious accident

    I completely agree. From watching the video, there is plenty of time for her to get over and let him by, and get back in the left lane. She was in the left lane for 3 minutes and there was what like almost a minute where you did not see any vehicle in the right lane. If she would have got over right when he got behind, there would be no problem at all. But she has to be a bitch and block him because she can.. what IF the guy just had a family member die, or wife in labor. You never know...

    I drive 200+ miles a day for work. And I see this shit WWAAYYYY to fucking often..

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