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  1. Its a cool logo, but just a heads up, I have done that tattoo about 30 times. Point being that it is pretty trendy and you might run across someone that has the same tattoo. If I were getting it, I would take it to the tattoo artist and have him/her do their take on it, especially if you don't snowboard. That way you don't have snowboarders calling you a poser and you still have a dope tattoo design. just my .02. :drinks:

  2. My .02. Most of the Donks I have seen were garbage, huge lifts with huge wheels and pray painted wheel wells and stuff. Those look horrible, they are done the wrong way. The same can be said of bagged trucks as well though. I personally do not like donks but if done correctly and all of the proper steps are taken, I can appreciate them. I might not like the over all look, but it I like all of the work done (super clean paint, detailed undercarriage, nice upholstery, SYSTEM ect), then who am I to bash it. Personally I would love to see these donks layed out with the 24's or 26's in stead of mile high in the sky. To each his own though. :drinks: :drinks:

  3. Okay so first things first, good luck getting your tattoo problems taken care of. But i will give you a couple of pointers. FIRST. You obviously didn't do your homework before you got your first tattoo and from what you have said already you are doing even less now. You didn't get tattooed by anyone who knows what they are doing or you would have a good tattoo (with the exception of it being an armband lol). Second saying that you are going to swing down to the tattoo shop to get it covered tomorrow because you are off work shows that you expect a tattoo artist to just throw something together to cover up an armband, which is to say the least difficult. I am a tattoo artist and not to be rude or a dick, but people like you drive me bonkers because you are making a lifetime commitment on a whim. Soooooooooooooo, how you should approach getting the tattoo coverd. Step one. Find a tattoo artist that has a great portfolio. Be sure you look at how the tattoos are done. Make sure the lines are straight and the color is not splotchy, also black and gray should be very smooth. If they don't have a portfolio keep looking. ALL tattoo artists will be proud to show what they have done. Step Two. Go talk to the tattoo artist about what your options are. Your artist should be able to give you some ideas of what will work for the cover up, and how to make it look great. Step three. Make an appointment. You will get better work if you have given the tattoo artist plenty of time to prepare and he/she will be more focused on helping you out. Most tattoo artists will require a deposit for the appointment, but that is just to make sure that you are serious about getting it done. Step four. Post us up some before and after pics, cuz this thread is worthless without pics. lol. :drink40:


  4. I really like those! Nice choice on wheels, whats your opinion on the tires? I've been looking at those exact size and brand. Just bought some 18's myself, putting them on this weekend.


    not a big fan of chrome but I've been in contact with a paint guy, and I got a good deal on them.

    Not sure as of yet, I have only put about 20 miles on em. Read lots of reviews and they seem to be pretty good tires. Only time will tell though.

  5. Okay so here is the deal. I have a 30" Emerson LCD in my living room that I am looking to replace. I am thinking something in the 50-60 inch range, probably LCD (I have a lot of windows and I have heard that could be a problem with a plasma). I have been looking at a few, but I would like some input. What brands you have had luck with and also brands that are garbage. Thanks

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