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  1. i love having no filter sometimes HAHAHA

  2. welp ill post again, looking for 4x4, prefer GM, will entertain others for the right price, not looking to spend a bank roll here, just something to get me to work when it snows

  3. When the fuck does whitecastle open damnit

  4. between massive amounts of stupidity at work and this fucking truck im done with today, time for beer

  5. welp vape ordered should be here friday, after that ill be smoke free

  6. i need a chevy s10 or a ford ranger decent milage and decent condition, anyone?

    1. Neckbeard


      S10, regular cab, blow through.

  7. im not a towel, your a towel!

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    2. Neckbeard


      you guys wanna get high?

    3. 97Jetta1637


      omg, words, words, words, bitching, whining, drugs are bad!

    4. Carbon


      I need to get high. then ill remember!

  8. watching fast 6....its ehhhh

    1. OrionStang


      Are you really surprised?

    2. Nate Futuristic

      Nate Futuristic

      this^^ 1 and 3 where the best..

  9. oh hay wisdom teeth, meet beer

  10. Scarface type of night

    1. Kyblack76


      Your saying hello to your lil friend?

    2. Nick580
    3. MarioB


      got one for me?

  11. i needs me a daily car, to much weight in this bitch!

    1. boom50cal


      Your daily will end up with a system anyway! lol, cheaper to stick to a single vehicle :)

  12. is it September yet? baseball/hockey/soccer sucks!

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    2. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      Hockey shits on any other mainstream sport out there

    3. Zapanater


      You suck. I'm with Chris.

    4. Dwn4BassAlan


      Yeah, i'll agree with everything except hockey. You're crazy if you don't like hockey. It's like football on ice, and it's more constant.

  13. All i want is some damn budlight lime and everyones sold out damnit

  14. anyone wanna ride down to a show with me sunday in south jersey?

  15. Spent a half hour trying to get my socket out of a radiator fan, fml

  16. its a whiskey type of night

    1. wmrcs


      lime tequila in gatorade for me!

    2. meade916
  17. fuck what you hollin bout as long as my mama proud

  18. Everyones still passed out, da fuckkkk

  19. Honda civic euro taillights 40$ obo, these are bnib Ryan Nachman

  20. beginning to think there is not a person on this earth that does not smoke bud

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    2. Omega5002


      You darn straight edge folks lol

    3. KillaCam


      How can you not drink or plan to? lol I'm no straight edge, I did my fair share of bullshit in the past.

    4. WastedTalent


      No bud here. Tried it, no effects. Just sore throat. And hell, I live where it's legal.

  21. bend the fuck over you piece of shit we got you mother fucker!!!!

    1. OrionStang


      Just as I said to your Mom!

    2. Herokight


      It's your turn now? You just missed me!

    3. Crandis16


      my anus is bleeding

  22. fuck tint, plastidip ftw!

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    2. KillaCam


      Possibly. I saw the post and got distracted in the middle of reading it. lol

    3. HatersGonnaHate
    4. BassHead1990


      Plastic dip all the parts!! lol jk

  23. actually getting some shit done tom.! floors done, just gottta drop the box in the trim it off

  24. ive cut 4 of my fingers open in the past weeks, only another 6 to go! and im running out of bandaids!

    1. BeatBox


      electrical tape!!!

    2. imnew59585
  25. Dead as hell at work

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