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  1. harbor freight bro...haha! just a nice little handy brake...nothing to industrial. Good for little stuff like this though. ok saw central machinery and figured thats where you got it lol. Guess I know what im getting tomorrow
  2. zv4's and x's sound the same. with that power I would go with the zv4. My van plays 8-60 hz and has no problems in the 40-60 range
  3. any good twisted RCA's. I use Skyhigh RCA's on all my sundown amps. If you need any let me know!
  4. hahahaha ya the dude got PISSED. I always try to be courteous and I may have been pushing it but the guy kept telling me to roll the window down (it didnt have a handle to roll it down) so we got a LOL out of it
  5. Damn that turned out nice. I sealed the doors off in the van with second skin products and its made a huge difference with mid bass. Overall everything sounded tighter. Great video!
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