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  1. im looking for all to Chicken Hill stuff it kills my system
  2. this is what I always do ............I crimp then solder and heatshrink.......its the method I learned by my boss back in the day
  3. Ive used that method to reuse connectors sometimes at the shop I used to work at back in the early 90's
  4. solder makes the joint one ( less resistance ) .......with crimping only a fraction of the coper is in contact with the connector
  5. for the people that dont know........how does one become a bronze , silver , or gold member
  6. you all think a guy from the area can get down on a demo specially one with red-navi and logan and steve that would be bad ass:werd_msword:
  7. i stand corrected maybe i missread somthing in the 38 pages over two dayz........................mybad
  8. im not sure but I think it said about a page and a half ago that he dont have the car anymore if yall read the samething I did why are people asking about the finishing of a car he dont own anymore
  9. like I said every body talks about port area not volume of the box or the port
  10. ok maybe a noob question but why are people referring to area not volume for the port? the area is needed to lower noise but volume is needed for tuning? or maybe in wrong?
  11. I think the reason of the double power and ground is for the ease of running multiple smaller gauge runs...aiding in the easier hiding of the cables
  12. what ever you do dont buy one of the prefab in general boxes especial not a ported one. ported boxes are great for spl and such but need to designed for the particular application. the generic one never sound great only ok at best. besides they are usually made from very thin wood.
  13. old school

    1. afb1982


      Would love to have the dimensions of that speaker box

  14. dont trip on the time,just take it in stages and do a little each day. just dont hook up the power to any thing till you have a weekend or something to give your self so time. Dont rush it cause itll be better if you take your time with the install.
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