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  1. is a order option available for people that are 30 miles away to save shipping like " pick up only by appointment "

    isn't that spending $8 in gas to save $8 bucks though? :D

    You can absolutely come by. I am just busy and don't have a lot of time to bullshit that's all.

    Just asking if that is an option if I happen to be in the area anyway. ?

    For the record it would be a huge savings over the FedEx rate for 1 hour shipping lol

  2. I got 37.

    I get a kick out these memes. These and the "genius" math memes that have a problem that I learned in the 10th grade.

    I start counting the threes or solving the math problem and halfway through I start questioning what the hell I'm doing with my life. I may as well be using crayons to color in a picture of Clifford the big red dog.

    I wish Ahmed hadn't left us, I could use a swisher.

    what happened to Ahmed?

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