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  1. ill drink domestic beers when I'm playing like beer pong and stuff but i like to actually enjoy my beer lol
  2. I love some Parish Canebrake and LA31 Boucanee as well as pretty much all belgian wheats, especially Hitchino Nest White Ale
  3. lmao is that the peanut butter jelly time dancing banana on the board??
  4. So will this one be priced more than the DD-1? Or will the DD-1 be reduced and this one replace the original price of the DD-1?
  5. Exactly me too. And preferably on the passenger side of the other vehicle.
  6. if you're so concerned about people opening the door on your car perhaps you should go park further away where no other cars are, not take up two spots because you're a conceited piece of crap
  7. well i have an internal volume of 1.91 cubic feet. I will be running the subs inverted. The port dimensions I have right now are 10.5 x 2.5x 25.94 which is supposed to be 35 Hz. The port displacement is a total of .39 cubic feet. So my net volume of my box will be at 1.52 cubic feet. Hows this sound?
  8. my understanding is that the tuning should lower with increasing length but with this calculator it doesn't follow that rule at all. it moves all around
  9. the torres tuning calculator isn't working properly. the port tuning frequency is telling me all sorts of odd numbers. its telling me a port 10.5 H x 2.5 W x 24 L = 44.58 Hz with a box that has 1.91 gross volume. If I increase the length by 10 inches then it only drops less than one hertz, if i increase it by 20 inches then it bumps up to 53 hz. How the heck is this possible? But when the length is set to 15 inches the tuning frequency is 49 Hz. Its like theres no correlation between length and tuning frequency with this calculator
  10. ok well maybe 2.19 is a tad high for gross. but I'm assuming the gross should be somewhere around 1.9 to 2 cubic feet so with the port taken into account the net volume will be around 1.5-1.6 cubic feet which is where it needs to be. the question is with it being tuned to 35 hz is 2.5 wide by 10.5 tall an okay size port? I just feel like when the port splits into two opposite sides that a port only 1.25" wide seems small
  11. 2.19 gross. The displacement of the port should bring it to the recommended 1.5 net right?
  12. Im building a box for 2 SA-8 v2s to 2.19 cubic feet. I want it tuned to 35 hz. How should I build the port? I was thinking 2.5" wide and 10.5 tall. Might this be too big? Id have to make it 24.25" long to tune to 35 hz with it 2.5" wide. But since the port will be in the middle when it splits in opposite directions it will have to be 1.25" wide which seems really narrow. What are your thoughts? should it be wider?
  13. ugh now I want these and I haven't even finished my install with 2 v2 8s. Looks like I gotta scrap my plan and start over.
  14. mmmm not really. Anything under 250,000 is still a decent vehicle these days, depending on the brand i guess. Like i said above ^^^ it don't even get a spark plug change till 100,000 miles so 180 isn't shit. Its not LOW mileage but it's not too bad either, especially for a 17 yr old kid The motor is so clean you can eat off it, and sounds, runs strong. I am happy. If it blows, i will put MY 5.3 in it and get me a 6.0 for my hoe. See, i am prepared. hhaha hah gonna step up to the LQ9 or 8.1. That would be a tad overkill to get the 496 though but it sounds cool in theory. 5.3s are no joke though. My avalanches 5.3 is still running strong with 185k. All you gotta really start worrying about is the rear main seal going out around that mileage but it's probably got a long life left
  15. Never got around to doing this back in 2010…but anyways…. My name is Blake… and I'm addicted to car audio.
  16. You definitely get what you pay for… that even applies for installation. Some shops here in baton rouge are questionable as to whether or not Id take my car there to be worked on… plus i feel like theres a lot more pride involved doing it yourself, but not everyone has that option. If something messes up its on me and thats why I turn to others who have more experience on boards like smd for advice. Just because its a shop and looks legit doesn't mean it is legit. But yeah, shops are businesses first so of course they've got to mark up prices if they plan on staying open longer than a few months
  17. im looking to buy a memphis mojo m3 15 (the one with the orange basket and colored logo). hopefully someone out here has one for sale or knows where i can get one. ive got one but i want to run 2 in my truck.
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