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  1. The stupid fucking proportioning valve in my shower. Turn on hot water first, then cold, get it to a decent temperature coming out of the tub spigot. Crank the center knob to switch it to the showerhead. Get in, water has gone from nice to FUCKING SCALDING. Turn down hot, and the valve makes this horrible shuddering noise that sounds like a jackhammer inside the wall. Turn UP cold, AND IT GETS HOTTER. WHAT THE FUCK. Fiddle for like 5 minutes trying not to burn my dick to get the valves and stars aligned correctly so I can take a fucking shower.


    lmfao the stars aligned. this is too good

  2. They're flipping a coin dealing with UPS. LOL. Fucking UPS. I've seen some things man. Some things.... Nah but IA was really nice about the entire thing, packaging could have been better, obviously. But, I'm confident they would handle it no problems if I got a turd in my box.

    I can top that. I had some rims shipped by UPS. I was tracking it like every 30 minutes. Then I check the update and it says its been delivered…when it wasn't at my house… started to freak out

  3. The lack of christmas lights lately. People that drive aggressively, I'm the only one allowed to do that. People who walk across the street when I'm driving, or people driving when I'm trying to walk across the streets. Justin Bieber. Disgruntled old people at restaurants. Traffic. Waiting in lines. Not being able to smoke weed. Growing up. Slow internet connections. Memory running out on my phone. Having to get gas in my car. Cold weather followed by warm weather followed by cold weather. Going to work. Reading pointless threads. Acting like I give a shit to people who don't deserve it. How many things I actually hate in life, you could call me a pessimist.

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