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  1. my dads in the hospital, heart problems. beating at 37 beats a minute. hopefully theyll help him this time. workin on audio to take my mind off it though so a lil bonus. my dad digs audio so wen hes back hopefully hell have something to check out too. sad day. needs to see cardiologist and last time he had to, the cardiologist blew him off and went home and we got 15000 in bills because they had to admit my father for the night cuz he was supposed to see my dad at 8 pm that night and then 8 t...

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      Hey bud, praying for your pops and that he gets the attention he needs. I lost my mom this year in March to cancer. I know how your feeling, after my mom passed I got deep into building a wall and now its done. Keep up the good work!

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