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Status Updates posted by evermaxx

  1. Anyone have/know where to get CCA 8gauge speaker wire? MUST BE RED/BLACK

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    2. Karkov
    3. Karkov


      Did you ever find any??

    4. evermaxx


      No.. I texted Jon and he said he has some coming in.. but, I need some pretty soon, I wouldn't mind going with what you posted but its shiny af lol. I messaged the seller and he sent me a pic.

  2. Came out this morning, and none of my rear doors will open, nor the hatch... WTF

    1. hdorre


      bruh. Chrysler elect problems.. Dads ram has similar shit going on.

  3. Bouta give Ken an aneurysm

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    2. evermaxx


      I'm messing with Ya man. I respect all of your builds, and love them.

    3. Tecomah


      I tried to wait till it was late to do all the threads I had to post ken. I know you on Cali time but it's almost one am here.

  4. Me and N8 share the same birthday.. IM A BADASSS! Lol.

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    2. moredbs


      i like baseball!

    3. juan777


      Thanks Gunnem, Big titty bitches for you as well (You'll have to pay for them as I am and will remain broke for the foreseeable future)

  5. Henter is drunk already.

    1. Leo1103


      well he is 14...

  6. tecomah is spamming. lulz.

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    2. Tecomah


      Dougs just mad I know a dealer who gives better deals than him :peepwall:

    3. Tecomah


      I would rather not get banned. Kind of like it here

    4. evermaxx


      Sure about that? Get ya own woofers then :D

  7. super epic build coming soon.

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    2. ROLEXrifleman
    3. juan777


      Still trying to get a demo dude, and now you're telling me you're rebuilding! Nice.

    4. evermaxx


      N8 will enjoy this build log.

  8. their any SQ builds on here? :o

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    2. evermaxx


      LOL, guess mine is too.

      Getting a new daily, been on DIYMobile, but just so hard to surf that forum, I like one forum lol.

    3. Soccerballzs


      Me I run Hertz and Morel. Plus Pioneer and RF Mids.

    4. Miguels


      i think cableguy has an sq build

  9. I like how Crescendo put everything on sale, except for the BC line.. PMO LOL

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    2. OrionStang


      15% is cool as fuck. Can't expect you to give shit away.

    3. CJ18


      I think they guy who saved $660 on 4 BC5500 today is pretty happy.

  10. pretty sure one of the Hippos is fucked. time for exo to go in.

    1. Hotdog


      Massive Hippos? I am trying out the Massive Sumo's

    2. gally


      im hope i will never use subs wit h a 2˝voice coil...they suck at some point...2.5 its somehow to be ok...the standard 3˝coils work best as ia see it

    3. evermaxx


      Coil got loose. Had a recone kit, reckoned and back bumpin now. These subs are nice, same thing as HDC3 just fraction of the cost.

  11. vodka on the weekends

  12. watching the release of the iPhone 6!

    1. iwannabeloud


      I remember when on the iPhones users talked shit about the big screens that android phones has.

    2. Soccerballzs


      Hell if the seen the size of my HTC One Max screen they would pass out.

  13. Amp that does ~7-8k clamped. gooo goo! oh, and at .5 :D

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    2. hispls


      LOL @ fire extinguisher. Actually it's a Taramps 8K.... not sure if that makes you change your mind about the fire extinguisher, but according to the couple threads here they work fine at 14V and at or above rated impedance.

    3. Ninja_v1.0


      ive seen those smoke as well as they dont like to be ran low or with low voltage but nothing like the sounddigital.. those motherfucker as soon as you take them out the box they start smoking

  14. Had my DD-1 stolen from the Dip-Tex show in Houston today.. Sad that even people who are in the community steal.

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    2. evermaxx
    3. Raptorman


      Sorry if I offend any Houston dudes. But the scum of the earth inhabits that city.

    4. Swordlordboy1234


      Let me know if you ever need mine bro. I'm right over in San Marcos. Frequently near Houston and San Antonio

  15. Singers out the office till monday.. No show for me this weekend.

    1. omg_spoon
    2. evermaxx


      yup lol. planned to have it back today...

  16. So fed up with these alt problems.. Least it took a shit after the show..

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    2. Bump4life


      or voltage regulator. were you internally or externally regulated?

    3. evermaxx


      Ya if a diode failed in the rectifier your alts not gonna think it needs the output voltage required.

      If it was a voltage regulator that failed im pretty sure it would just over charge.

      Atleast to my knowledge the rectifier is what regulates the output voltage from being to low

      and the voltage regulator regulates the voltage from going to high.

      Someone correct me if im wrong.

  17. nendo 3.5k is heating up like a mofo @.5.....

    1. SnowDrifter


      You sure you aren't clipping it too? Mine only ever got lukewarm

    2. evermaxx


      set with dd1.. idk, may be my grounds.

  18. insomnia is horrible..

    1. audiofanaticz
    2. Krakin


      at least it isn't amnesia

  19. decided to do a buildlog.. check me outttt.

  20. can anyone find the 8" sub thread? discussion of many 8" drivers

  21. 4 Meso 8's in a 4th order in an CTS? Oh yes..

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    2. goodvibez


      /\/\/\ agreed...and luuuucky!

    3. evermaxx


      itll be happening soon, car is in the paint shop right now getting a fresh candy black sprayed. somewhere in between now and july.

    4. goodvibez


      damn! Now I really hate you haha...good stuff manlove the cts!!

  22. strip club. throw dem db'zzzzz

  23. havent slept in almost 2 days.. need more coffee, currently crimping wire.

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    2. MyRoomBeats


      After 12hours coffee is useless...but uhh



      Anymore coffee and lack of sleep your hands gonna be shaking so bad you wont be able to crimp anything.. Try getting a good sleep.

    4. scooter99


      Just make sure it's the cable wire you're crimping and not something else you hold in your hands. You'll have a really bad day then!

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