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  1. Can you really not comment on youtube without being connected to your google + account?

    1. HowLowCanYouGo


      yup. Google fucked up youtube a while back.

  2. If you were walking around in the forest and you heard something following you and it was a wendigo what would you do? I would probably let it killl me to get it over with, no bullet is kill that.

  3. I should revive my paranormal thread. Creppy things been going around.

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    2. Baydestrian


      you barely heard about Reddit? LOL

    3. CommonSyns


      I didn't know about reddit lol, But I feel as if I'm obsessed with it now.

    4. RCP Audio

      RCP Audio

      reddit is a wonderful place!

  4. Anyone know the Xmax of a HDS212 from soundqubed?

  5. For Tantric HD's would a CT Sounds 2.5 or 4k be good?

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    2. ToNasty


      If honestly choose te 4k. But itl determine the size of box

    3. CommonSyns


      Could the HD's handle the 4k at 1 ohm? I want to see dyno results of the 2.5k it may be enough for me. I just want to efficiently power the tantrics.

    4. ChevyBoy95


      the 2.5 is a 3600w board that will do about 4k, the 4k is a 5500w board..... so choose wisely.

  6. Can anyone tell me why Royals is a popular song right now?

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    2. CommonSyns


      How is she considered racist? Her song royals isn't bad I just want to know why its so popular on vine and such. I'll have to check her album.

    3. WastedTalent
    4. CommonSyns
  7. Stick or Automatic for a next car? Pros, cons?

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    2. Kyblack76


      My TSX is a 6speed MAN. I fucking love it, and wouldnt even have looked at it if it was a auto.

    3. scooter99


      Also greatly depends on how much you sit in traffic. My civic is a stick, and I love it, except when I'm in traffic. It sucks ass when sitting in traffic 2 hours a day.

    4. boom50cal


      Auto with a decent manual mode for nearly everything if you're DD-ing it. Stick for fun cars(3.7 v6 mustang + 6 speed manual = hella fun) That being said, there are a TON of fun auto cars...

  8. Is this just me or does anyone else put fries on their cheeseburger? To me it enhances the flavor.

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    2. KillaCam


      Never done scrambled eggs but I like to put an egg cooked over hard on that.

  9. Pizza + Ketchup.....I don't know why but its a good combo...

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    2. KillaCam


      Pizza and ranch.

    3. ROLEXrifleman


      I drown my pizza in Ketchup and sometimes Open Pit and Sometime BW3 sauce and sometimes ranch

    4. CommonSyns


      I should try ranch with pizza, never thought of that, Pizza and garlic also go well together..

  10. Grilled chicken on Labor Day? Yes, Please!

  11. Anyone ever eat a raw honeycomb? Always wanted to try one, Just that bees make me sick if i get stung.

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    2. SnowDrifter


      Tastes like honey coated wax. It's good though

    3. CommonSyns


      Now I want to try it even more, Gotta find a bee keeper around here. lol

    4. Pasta Prime

      Pasta Prime

      If you have a local co-op they should have some.

  12. How about some Eminem, Forgot about Dre dubstep?

  13. How long does it take to hear back from PSI Audio usually? I asked them last monday for a qoute to a two 12's, Great customer service I suppose.

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    2. CommonSyns


      Uh wow, I'm not waiting that long for a quote lol. Thanks for the heads up.

    3. Amart88


      took me 3 weeks

    4. AI James

      AI James

      however ling they feel like at the time. i've come to find that more often then not, internet companies just march to the beat of thier own drum.

  14. Eminems new song just leaked!

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    2. audiofanaticz


      Im thinking the same Stang. Not how I remember em for. song aint bad, but could be better. Im sure he will have others on the album tho

    3. Azagtoth502


      lol at anyone expecting his garbage to be good

    4. deathcards


      its alright but i think call of duty is trying to get something that appeals to the audience so it won't be half bad but it won't be his best

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    2. boom50cal


      Floor boards can easily be cut out, then bed lined over on both sides. Great deal there.

    3. CommonSyns


      Well, Off road with some bass. Thinking 2 lvl 3's or 2 lvl 4's 12"s

  15. Would you get a stick or an automatic vehicle? I miss the 5 speed of jeeps. Looking for a new Jeep.

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    2. CommonSyns


      I dont have a year set to buy, but I'm looking for a 96 XJ Cherokee for a DD and WW, whatever TN can offer for off road parks, Hopefully its mostly trail riding.

    3. gally


      i have an easytronic automatic one...but cun do + and - for bigger or lower gear on manually if i wanted

    4. hdorre


      Stick or dual clutch :)

  16. Turns out that the sale was a scam, My bank noticed the check mailed to me was all fake. I still have my Subs and Sub Amps, thank God.

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    2. CommonSyns


      Yeah, I talked to him though text, and we agreed on a firm price, the mailed the check to me, then i went to the bank the next day and the check turned out to be fake, I have a story typed up if anyone wants to read about me almost getting scammed.

    3. splzx3


      was it someone off of here?

      if so put there ass on blast

    4. CommonSyns


      Nah, It was over craigslist. I don't think this is their real name but his name "was" Tony Mason.

  17. Just sold my Subs and sub amps.

  18. Decided to go with a TJ, Hopefully my current vehicle will sell then I can pick up a cheapish TJ in good condition.

    1. Purplehaze


      GL with that. They seem to hold their value pretty well.

  19. Going to be getting another Jeep but this time for off roading, So the great debate for off road enthusiasts: Wrangler or Cherokee?

    1. Nate Futuristic

      Nate Futuristic

      ive only sat in a passenger seat but im bias towards the wrangler

  20. Skar subs and amp will be here next Wednesday I hope, Just ordered the 9A34M remy batteries, I hope they will be here next week I'm doubtful but I can hope lol. Last thing on my list is the wiring from AudioTecnix. Then when I move down get the singer alt and put the new speakers in.

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