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  1. On 5/2/2020 at 10:28 PM, audiofanaticz said:

    So it is Saturday, and some times people do not work on Saturdays so not getting an instant response from a company is usually a fairly common thing.

    How did you connect the CC-1 and or DD-1 test probes to the amp?

    Sometimes with some amplifiers you must use the negative probe of the DD-1/CC-1 on the negative speaker output of the amp.
    Sometimes you must use the negative probe of the DD-1/CC-1 on the negative power wire of the amp.
    This really depends on the amp, the type of RCA inputs on the amp, if the amp uses a differential style rca connection, the type of class the amp maybe such as class a a/b, d, full bridge or half bridge etc.
    It can vary a lot from what Ive noticed over the years tuning amps.

    Also where you using the left channel or the right channel?
    Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes you have to use the left channel or right channel. I cant remember the reasoning behind this but iirc I remember it being explained in the manual or in a post by Tony D'amore.
    So try both channels!

    Also make sure there are no crossovers being used on the 4 channel amp, make sure that all settings on the amplifier are set to Fullpass and not Highpass or Lowpass.
    Same goes for the headunit, disable/turn off any sort of high pass filter on the head unit, turn any EQ settings to flat, and turn Bass, Midrange, and Treble to 0 or flat.

    So go through the steps and try different things. Read the instruction manual because there is a lot of useful information in there.
    There is no problem with the DD-1/CC-1 because you said they worked fine to do the sub amp so that leaves it to be something you are either doing wrong, or due to something with the amp that requires it to be hooked up differently.
    Report back once you tried the above things I mentioned.



    Well, the Saturday thing is normal, but I emailed on a Thursday, Wednesday, Monday. I only emailed recently on the 2nd of May, which is a Saturday. I do understand the Saturday email thing though. 


    I connected my DD-1 and CC-1 lead's to both my amp and my friends amp. All though the speaker terminals, I tried both right output and left output of each terminal. I didn't think about using the negative power wire for my connection, I'll have to try this next time I am over at my friends house. 


    As for the amps tested, I used a Skar Audio 1500.1Dv1, JL Audio JX 360/4 these amps being mine, and my friends amps, which were an Apline 500mrp and a Kenwood Excelon Gouriki Series 4 chan amp. I used the same way to tune all amps. Leads to positive speaker and negative speaker in their respective places. The crossover for the 4 channels were set to off as well as on my headunit. 


    For the DD-1/CC-1 I saw that I can send them in to get calibrated, I think I will go with that option. I don't think I did anything wrong when using the DD-1/CC-1 but I am human and am not perfect. 

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  2. Well I figured I'd make one last attempt to get help through the forums, I've sent an email, multiple actually but never got a reply once. I was told, from a reliable source that if I emailed the support on wccaraudio then the techs had gotten my email and were looking at it. Never heard back from support and I have not heard back from the reliable source, even after dming and pinging them in a chat. 


    I also sent wccaraudio an email from two different emails, both of which work and are used on a constant basis. So not total sure why I never got an answer. 

  3.  I have a problem with my DD-1 and CC-1, I bought my DD-1 and CC-1 back in 2013. 

    When I tried to find the max distortion on my friends headunit using my DD-1 I got the subwoofer amp measured. But when I tried to do his 4 channel amp, a Kenwood Excelon X600F my DD-1 could not measure the distortion from the headunit though this amp. For one thing I noticed that even when I tuned my amps way before my friends, my DD-1''s signal light would flicker, never stay solid. Same thing happened with my friends amps. I didn't think anything of it until  tried set the gain for my friends sub amp, an Alpine 500MRV, that showed no distortion at of the gain positions. Just to clarify I put the correct track in on the CD. For his sub amp I tried all three settings on the track just to make sure that I was not going crazy, 3,5,7. None of these made distortion light go off. But when I set the gains on my friends 4 channel, I could set the gain correctly.

    To see if I did anything wrong I retuned my system after I got the weird results of my friends amps. I noticed the same thing, the signal light was always just blinking never solid, I could get it to stay solid red but if I turned it down one notch then the light went green but with the blinking.
    The same thing sorta happened on my CC-1, I cant set the crossover because it never goes blue. When I set my system back in 2013 my DD-1 and CC-1 worked perfectly. Now, I have just moved from TN back to CT, I should mention that in that time frame of 2014-2019 I did not use my DD-1 or CC-1 at all, it was just sitting in my bedroom. I have changed the batteries several times on both my devices and I have also at least for the CC-1 have held the "off" button for 2 seconds to clear it but nothing has seemed to have helped. For my CC-1 when I was trying to tune the systems I was working on my CC-1 signal light was slowly blinking. I tried to turn it off, and hold for 2 seconds, that didn't work. I then just took the battery out to see if that would fix it, that didn't work.
    For the subwoofer amp, both in my system and my friends system I used track 7. For both my 4 channel and my friends I used track 4.
    I emailed WCCAUDIO but I never got any reply so now I am trying here.
  4. I'm in the market for a ps3 headset that's compatible with ps4, budget is $150-$170. Needs to be wireless, and have surround sound. 7.1 preferably. I was looking at this headset but I found out its not Dolby Digital Headphone its just normal VSS here is the headset Sony Pulse Elite Edition At first reading it would be ideal for the bass head like me, because it features bass impact technology but instead of vibration motors it uses "actuators" to "pulse" the ear cups for added effect for bass, like you can feel the gun shots and explosions, Plus it can be optimized for Grand Theft Auto V.

    I've never used headsets before for gaming, but I have a friend that swears that it gives an advantage during FPS games, something about hearing the footsteps of your enemy coming up behind you, I wouldn't know never had a headset.

    I know that I'm looking for wireless, and having Dolby Digital Headphone or DTS Headphone decoder.

    It would be great if anyone could give input.

  5. So basically, Its the ability to do whatever you wanted to do in life, but could only be done though a game. Is a superior simulation of life as how you want to live it and makes the "Sims" series of games pail in comparison.

    How much better is this compared to San Andres, cause I consider that one of the better games I've ever played, Even though I could never beat the game. I can only imagine that its just San Andres, with better graphics, different main character and new story. Other than that its the same as all the other gta's but a much bigger open world environment.

  6. I'm not much for GTA but I did play San Andres, I'm just curious whats all the appeal? What makes it so good? Is it the open world? The ability to do anything? When I played San Andres I didn't do much of the story, Just running around doing random things..

    What so fascinating about it? Just truly curious.

    Why do people like it so much, Why do YOU like it.

    I know for me, it got to the point in San Andres that I got so bored I literally tried to follow the rules of traffic. Lol.

  7. As said I am not biased towards any company, I just like what works best for me. And for now it seems that multi core processors are being used more. Its probably the next big thing in computers. But while I am a fan of this new 8 core, it is not a true 8 core processor by normal means. I have been told that a legitimate 8 core processor with TRUE cores would exceed the in the thousands and well above the I7 Extreme.

    I just don't like how it cant be optimized towards both company's without having to modify it. I'm thinking that if AMD CPU's were optimized for windows it would be on equal footings as Intel. I might be wrong. AMD's new CPU 9000 FX series left much to be desired, and with a mandatory water cooler, only raises prices.

  8. I've also read that Windows was not optimized for AMD, BUT there is a patch that will make it so that it will run better on AMD cpus, You just got to email Microsoft and they will send it to you, Why are they being secretive not sure. But I also know, There is a patch for games to be optimized for AMD which supposedly surpasses an Intel CPU in games. There was a test where games were patched to better use AMD CPUS, and the results did way better than expected.

    There was also a thing where Intel made it so games always sensed that it was running on an Intel CPU therefore making it run better. But when patched over, it ran even better I believe. Intel did this so people would buy their cpus over amd.

  9. I've been told that in SLI Nvidia 770's will beat out a single titian. I think I also read somewhere that SLI 780's also be near a SLI Titian. The 780 is already near the titian without it being SLI. I guess its more price point per performance.

    I do agree with you, I'd rather have one card vs 2 because its less space and less power consumed, its cheaper, less can go wrong.

  10. sounds good bud but the radeon 7970not that great of a card realy not I get these pc maximum mag every month and they do testing id really go with NVidia you can nvr go wrong with them this is what I have is a amd phenom II x4 965 3.4ghz ocd to 4ghz 16gigs ddr3 1866 coursair vengeance ram water cooling asus sabourtooth motherboard and ocz 850w psu and 2x radeon sapphire 7790s in crossfire and 74gig ssd and a regular 500gig hdd every part was bought on amazon brand new and O I have an old big green alienware case

    Please elaborate on how the 7970 isn't a great card.

    The 7970 is supposed to be one of the better cards. Based on reviews and benchmarks I'm interested as well. But Hes right about SLI and Crossfire beating out a single graphics card. More is better.

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