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  1. What’s goin on krusty, long time no see. I️ haven’t seen that Camaro yet either. Holla at a playa

  2. were having a draught in cali........ time to make it rain

  3. love me some weekends


  5. first real day of vacation. no alarm FTW

  6. you know i had a long night when theres a pair of pumps on my floor board in the subie

  7. bish wheres my pizza!

  8. i hate working on cars for free.

    1. 98GCLimited


      ya usually isnt too much fun

    2. carshateme
    3. EricM9104


      Than they tell all their friends and ya got everyone wanting their shit fixed free.

  9. my house is decorated the fawk out. my girl went ape sh*t with the deco

  10. partay saturday. hoes hoes hoes its christmas time.

  11. im stuffed puffed and ready to crash.

  12. working 10's makes me lazy

  13. i hate being sick.

    1. sactownstang


      hopefully it didn't hit ya til after the holiday! Wassup B!

    2. B Slaps

      B Slaps

      chillin bro. hit me up lost ur number. need to know when toys for tots show is too

  14. fail........... im a top poster. oh well. hope you guys enjoy the pics

  15. dlin some songs for my halloween party. gonna be off the hook.

  16. my halloween party is gonna be off the hook. bunch of dtf hoes

    1. meade916


      that is DISGUSTING. What time and where? LOL

  17. juiced finally gettin some work done on my old school

  18. i fucking hate electronics

  19. i have some 1/10 rc car stuff. lipo and brushless if anyone is interested hit me up. 6800 kv motor

  20. hopefully ill be picking up my 06 legacy gt limited tomorrow. new car ftw!

  21. motha fucka i stay white boy wasted!

  22. Murphy's Law : a smith & wesson beats 4 aces

  23. Murphy's Law: Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.

  24. Murphy's Law : Theres never enough time to do it right, but always time to do it over.

    1. blownengine


      Isnt Murphy's law anything that can go wrong will go wrong?

    2. blownengine


      Isnt Murphy's law anything that can go wrong will go wrong?

    3. B Slaps

      B Slaps

      hahaha yup. a buddy of mine at work has a big poster with like 40 things on it. hilarious

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